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Text to Speech changes in 5.0.9 and forward
So, in order to move ourselves forward with the times, we've been updating some of our Windows software development kits. One of those changes was to move from the old SAPI 5 speech SDK to the newer MS Speech Platform 11 SDK. It's considerably more advanced and has some other features that will come into play later down the line.

This change is in 5.0.9 and forward. This means that, if you want to do text to speech, once you move to that version or beyond, you will have to make sure you have installed the correct support for the new Speech Platform system. It's not hard to do.

There are three things involved:
  • Install the Speech Platform runtime libraries
  • Install the new voices that are used by this new system
  • Select the new voice you want to use

You will need to do this on any systems where CQC would be doing speech operations, either in the foreground, such as in actions in an Interface Viewer, or wherever the Speech II driver is being loaded.

Install Runtime Libraries

For the runtime libraries, that's available via a simple installer that you can download from Microsoft. It is available here:

Use the Download button. It's available in x86 (32 bit) and 64 bit forms. You can install both, but CQC uses the x86 version, so install that one at least. You just download the .msi file and run it.

Install New Voices

The new speech platform uses new voices, for text to speech and for speech recognition. They are available here:

There are a set of them available. You can check multiples and download an installer for each. Install at least the English speech recognition file:


and one of the English text to speech voices. The ZiraPro one is probably the best:


You can download others if you speak other languages and might need them for other applications, but the above should be the minimum required.

Select New Voice

Wherever you would have selected a TTS voice in CQC you will now want to do it again and select the new voice you want to use for speech. The only one I know of currently in CQC is the Speech II driver, which is used to do TTS in the background. So, if you are using that driver, do a reconfigure on it and select the new voice you want to use.

You will also likely need to go to the Windows Control panel and to the Speech Recognition applet, then select the Text to Speech option on the left (in Windows 10) and then the Text to Speech tab. There you can select the new voice as well. That will insure that same voice gets used for foreground standard TTS that CQC does (such as from within your IV actions or when using an IV as a remote TTS output.)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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