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Documentation for CML - kblagron - 03-11-2019

I was looking for documentation on CML - I can access the information via the AI on it, but it is all very general. 

I was specifically looking for the HTTPClient.SendGET documentation and parameters, but could not find them.  Are the PDF file from a few years back still available?  I find it hard to find information in the online documentation because it is not searchable (at least from what I can see).  In the past, I would search the pdf files, find the item I was looking for, and move on.

RE: Documentation for CML - Dean Roddey - 03-12-2019

It's in the /Reference section. IN there is a section on CML. In that are two sections, one high level and one class library references. The latter is laid out in the same hierarchy as the class hierarchy.

RE: Documentation for CML - kblagron - 03-12-2019

Thanks, I would of swore that I looked there, but apparently I didn't.  I do think a search capability from the top level help system (or Reference section) would be a great addition and maybe eliminate dumb queries such as mine. I use the search system within the forum alot!

RE: Documentation for CML - Dean Roddey - 03-13-2019

BTW, in the Admin Intf, in the /Help section, there are quick links to various topics and those two are in there.