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Neo purchased by C4 - Dean Roddey - 02-04-2019

This may be of interest to some folks here, not sure:

"Control 4 purchases NEEO, discontinues all consumer facing hardware sales effective today."

RE: Neo purchased by C4 - sic0048 - 02-05-2019

Quote:NEEO is dependent on a cloud service to make changes to the remote configuration, this will shutdown in 24 months

Yet another example of why it is important NOT to buy things that use the cloud for configuration or functionality. In 24 months, those remotes will likely be a very expensive doorstop. Best case scenario is that the remote still works until you want to change or add a piece of equipment. Then it will become a doorstop.

Unfortunately, with all the IoT being released that is bringing "automation" to the masses, this concept is lost on most people and I suspect there will be some very hard lessons learned in the future when companies change their business models or simply go out of business and leave all their customers holding worthless pieces of hardware because it requires a connection to a cloud server that no longer exists.

RE: Neo purchased by C4 - rtarver - 02-08-2019

IOT and other integration tools are becoming 'appliances'... price points for each 'piece' make it attractive to get in and dabble. But collective prices add up when you start automating lots of things. I bought into the new Apple Watch, knowing it was an $800 investment in tech that would probably make it 3-5 years before something broke on it and made it cost prohibitive (or unwise) to repair. On the other hand, My Omega cost me (lets just say more), but it'll last 30+ years with regular maintenance. But it'll also cost me an average of ~$100/yr for maintenance if done right.