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  Maybe important for Harmony Hub users?
Posted by: Dean Roddey - 12-17-2018, 12:28 PM - Forum: General Automation - Replies (7)

Something about update 206 disabling some important features.


Currently everyone first talks to their server to get some info, then directly connect to the hub. It looks like they are now yanking that ability to talk to the hub locally and have a completely different all cloud based API that is websockets based, but perhaps not documented, at least so far.

Oh well, that's why you should never use cloud based stuff. They can do this to you any time. If they actually bother to expose the websockets API we can look at it, but in the meantime, best look to block updates if you can.

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  Elk Client Interface Gremlins
Posted by: IVB - 12-16-2018, 10:40 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (9)

Tried to make a change in the Elk Client interface last night (moved one thing from zone 17 to 34) from my laptop. Wouldn't save. Now every time I pull up the Elk client interface it immediately has a star, I try to save it, nothing happens. I even rebooted the MS and the laptop, nothing.

Also, when I try to do the save every single one of my Elk-based triggers fires, ie lighting.

How do I flush this out?

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  Effective radiora2 range???
Posted by: rtarver - 12-15-2018, 09:01 PM - Forum: General Automation - Replies (5)

Any Lutron gurus out there?

I’m considering getting into Lutron as an eventual replacement for existing UPB lighting.  Looking at the radiora2 setup and am currently going through the online training.

Something that confuses me a little... 30 foot radius doesn’t cover much house, but I suspect that’s a little underrated given residential construction.  They also list a max of 60 feet between a main and aux repeater for rf connectivity. Well, it’s not like they are each going to handshake at 30 feet and make a connection, so I don’t get that.  Is the effective range between repeaters different than the effective range between a repeater and a device?  My media closet is unfortunately at one end of the house. I’m pretty sure it would be 75 feet to the garage door. 

So my second question is... what’s the real world effective range of a repeater to devices?  If it’s 40-50 feet, I could probably hard wire one to my kitchen above the cabinets and that would cover my needs. If it’s truly 30’ish feet, I’m going to need two. 


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  Aeotec not starting fast enough on system reboot
Posted by: IVB - 12-15-2018, 03:27 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (3)

Caveat: My Echo stuff is currently 100% broken, trying to fix it now, when I discovered this.

I have an Hue Simulator driver that connects to the Echo. In it's config I have a bunch of zWave stuff. That way I can remove the trigger word, just say "Alexa, turn off the kitchen light". 

It looks like the Hue sim driver is starting before the Aeotec, and I get this in the logs.

Attached Files
.zip   cqc-log.zip (Size: 1.31 KB / Downloads: 2)
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  Forum subscribed thread e-mail sucks...
Posted by: rbroders - 12-15-2018, 02:46 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (2)

Hey just a forum rant here.

I subscribe to a few threads, and when there is new activity I get an e-mail which contains 24 lines of bogus boiler plate crap and a 1 line "excerpt of the message".  Actually it is only half a line with the second half of the line more boiler plate crap (visit the thread to read more..).

It would be nice to get a bigger excerpt.  The entire reply would be best.  Also maybe cut the boiler plate stuff in half...
I also dislike the policy of no further replies until you visit the thread again.  Please keep sending me mail to keep me up on the thread activity.  Currently the excerpt it so lame you have to visit the board to see what the heck happened!  Argh...

Rant off.  Thanks -- Bob

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  Hiding Command Buttons on template
Posted by: kfly - 12-12-2018, 07:27 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (5)

I want to hide the Christmas SiriusXM command buttons on my template  if month isn't December.  
Any hint on the best and hopefully easiest way to hide these two command button if month (not equal)  "12"?

[Image: WJXr7rY.jpg]

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  Security cameras
Posted by: kjaerligkatt - 12-11-2018, 01:23 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (11)

What’s the recommended way to intergrate security cams into CQC?  I seem to remember a discussion  a while back about integration with some camera server, but cannot find it now. Maybe a dreamt that?

Also, any recommendations for both internal and external cameras, preferable wireless. 

The wife would go with Nest cams, but I just know that’s not going to be a good, or even supported option 


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  Can't find a rule/trigger
Posted by: IVB - 12-09-2018, 09:41 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (5)

I coded CQC to toggle a light whenever the F6 button is pressed on one of my Elk keypads. But, and yes this is embarrassing but not one of the top 100 stupid things I've done, I can't find where it would be.

There's no triggered event for it. I've scoured my list. Where else could I have set up an automated action like this?

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Star Webriva for dummies
Posted by: rtarver - 12-08-2018, 04:08 PM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (3)

Despite my search efforts, I haven’t found a basic ‘how to’ for webriva. I recently did a clean install, and even bought the ctc iOS app. Is there a beginners how to for setting up the web server and defining default pages etc?

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  Moving MS question
Posted by: IVB - 12-08-2018, 11:17 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (15)

To move a master serve, I just
1) stop CQC
2) copy CQC dir off
3) put CQC onto new machine
4) re-install CQC on new machine


I did that, it's picking up the old server name and not the new one. Odd. This is on my former 2ndary server, fwiw

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