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Full Version: Problem with latest Sonos update
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It's been noted that something in the latest Sonos update (mid-May 2014) that seems not to be right at the UPnP level. It doesn't affect our UPnP media renderer driver, but it does affect the Sonos specific Zone Player driver. We can no longer access the Group Management service interface of the Sonos because (it appears) the service description information isn't kosher. So the Windows UPnP engine won't return the interface to us.

We'll see if we can get Sonos to look into it, but of course they never officially supported third party access anyway and may not strain themselves to do much about it. If not, then there will be little we can do. If not, then we may have to remove grouping capabilities from the Zone Player driver.
Just a follow up note... Other parties have validated this problem, so it's not just us. It is a legitimate issue.
This problem has been worked around as of the latest 4.7 betas and will be fixed in 4.8. The problem lies in the Windows UPnP support, but it can be gotten around by our taking over some of the functionality ourselves. It takes care of this Sonos problem and other problems of the same type with some other devices/systems.