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Full Version: Another SMS Driver - SMS Global, one for everyone else
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Ok, I promised this driver and it rained all day today so I sat down and got it out of the way.

Here is one for the rest of the world.  Works in Europe, America and most other countries.

You need to sign up for an account and purchase credits to send messages.

A new account will come with 25 SMS credits for testing with so you can try this out free of charge.

You can't receive an SMS with this system

I have attached a Driver guide that explains the driver and how it works and how to use the CQC web server and macro's.

Driver guide is here

No one interested in this?

I thought after the requests in teh other SMS driver thread that there would be at least a few interested in this internation SMS version?
Its been a busy weekend, I am going to install it tonight.
The link for the guide does not work.
The Driver is stuck at wait for initialization. When I look in the log there is an error "CML driver 'SMSGlobal' Failed to compile"
He's likely using newer functionality that's been introduced. So probably you are on the official 4.2 version? I think he's using newer stuff that's been introduced in the betas.
I am on 4.2.902...
Definitely you should move up then. A lot of water under the bridge since then. If you have some third party drivers, you may have to go grab an updated version from the beta drivers section, since some of them have been affected by the CML compiler now catching an error it used to not. AFAIK, all the commonly used non-shipped drivers that were affected have had new versions posted.
Yes, this uses the BuildURL2 method in the newer version of CQC. Was build using 907 from memory.

I've fixed the link for the driver guide - sorry about that.

Real life psycho right now, but I'll def be looking into this. First I need to think through what types of messages would be adequate for email, and what would require SMS.

Thx for doing it.
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