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Full Version: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad RIVA Client 1.6 Submitted to app store
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Look for it to drop in the next few days. Full change log here.
Changes For Version 1.6 (Upcoming Release)

Multitasking and Reconnection

The application now uses Apple's multitasking and backgrounding features to attempt to keep the connection alive for up to ten minutes of sleep. If you put the device to sleep while CQC Client is in the foreground, it is generally able to stay connected. If the device goes to sleep while CQC Client is in the background, or for longer than ten minutes, the connection will usually be lost.
Additionally, the application attempts to detect the errors that commonly result from a lost connection, and will reconnect automatically. Because of limitations in the RIVA protocol, reconnecting currently puts the user back to the main screen of the template.

Environment Variables

The new environment variable functionality of the RIVA interface is now supported. You will need a version of the CQC server which supports RIVA protocol version 3 or higher.


The maximum size for an image to be eligible for permanent caching on the device is now 24K on the iPad, and 12K on the iPhone (CQC repository images are always cached permanently; only media art and web image widgets are subject to the size limit).
The application now plays faster and looser with the RIVA StartDraw and EndDraw messages, so as to increase the chance that the screen can be partially drawn before all images have been fetched. See the description of the new Optimization setting for more details.
The image cache is now visible in the application. The main window, with the connection list, has a tab bar at the bottom. The "bookmarks" tab shows the connections, as always. The "downloads" tab shows you the current contents of the cache.

Canvas Size

The maximum canvas size is no longer rectangular. Assuming you are using a newer version of the CQC software which supports the template messages, the app restricts your canvas to a maximum number of pixels. You can use any rectangular shape: a square canvas, a long thin one, or whatever, as long as the total pixel count is not exceeded. There is still the problem that the iPhone 4, since it has four times as many pixels as the earlier iPhones, is limited to a smaller canvas size. The reason for this limitation is that the app seems to run out of memory when the canvas gets too large, and that is a function of the number of pixels.
The pixel count limit is 1,228,800 pixels, which should be large enough for two pages on an iPhone 4. On iPod Touches running a version of the OS earlier than 4.2, the limit is a quarter of that, which should still be large enough for two pages on such devices.

Progress Bars

Progress bars are now supported. You will need a version of the CQC server which supports RIVA protocol version 2 or higher.

Special Text Effects

Gradient fill, reflected and gradient text is now supported. There may be some alignment issues. If you see a case where the client's rendering of special text is significantly different from the Interface Viewer's, let me know.


The library of available sounds has been expanded.

I updated the app last night and all my progress bars burst into life. Thanks. I will try a more serious listening session tonight to see how it behaves during a long film.

There is one point I have noticed. All my main command buttons are set to action on "Press" as this has always seemed more intuitive to me for a touch screen compared with "On Click". At first I thought there was a problem as a quick tap on a button gave no action. I then found that press and hold for about 1sec produced a reliable action. Is this something that has changed or have I just not noticed it before?


Update to 1.6 and now it will not connect. Lost connection to the server is the error. Do I need to update cqc to use 1.6?
I wouldn't have expected that What version of the app were you using before? Was it a really old one, or the most recent previous version? Are there any error messages in the server's log?
also what version of CQC are you running?
As far as I can remember, the only reason your CQC server would matter is if it was old enough to use an earlier version of the Riva protocol. There are three versions. Version 3, which is pretty recent, supports environment variables. The iPhone app will only use version 3 if you declare any environment variables. So if you are having problems, and defined any environment variables, try getting rid of them.

Version 2, which came out a while ago, supports progress bars. If you have a relatively modern CQC server, it should support version 2. And if you were using a modern version of the iPhone app, it would have been using version 2 by default, so upgrading the app should not cause a problem unless both a) you upgraded from a pretty old version of the app, and b) you are using a pretty old version of the CQC server. But just in case, there is a setting on the app called "Backward Compatibility". If you turn that on, the app will fall back to version 1, which would solve the problem if it results from the protocol version being too new. I'm not hopeful, but it's worth a shot.

If that doesn't work, you should definitely check whether the server is showing any error messages.

The library of available sounds has been expanded.

How do we address these sounds, I have in the past had a playwave with a bogus sound file and I get a click but that seems to have stopped working (or its pointing to a real file).

Also, what is the deal with fonts, what is available?

Here is the library of sounds. Simply put the string of the name of the sound file (without the extension) as argument to the playWAV command. Anything not recognized should get you the regular iPhone keyboard click.

The only special font that is available is the guiFX v2 transport font. It's built into the app, by specific written permission of the author. Otherwise, generic windows fonts should map to generic iphone fonts in a fairly 1-to-1 way. If you notice any issues please point them out here.

This latest version added some more of the "special text effects" as well.
I am trying to make a three page iPhone template. This is what it looks like.

[Image: Grape.jpg]

I have a question. Is there any known way to initially load the template on page two say at position 320 0?

P.s. 1.6 is awesome thank you very much!
No, sorry, there's not currently any way to do that. I can see why it might be useful for templates like that. I'll have to think about whether there's a clean way to support that.
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