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This is a set of templates for mobile phones, based on the discussion in the thread:

The actual size of the Main template is 384x544, but the 64 pixels on the right and bottom are used for the navigation. So basically you just swipe to access them.

[Image: tarivamobile.jpg]

I have included a weather channel set of templates, which expect the moniker "Weather", but as long as you already have one loaded, CQC will match it. There is also a CQC Repository template, based on an initial template of batwater. Only 3 of the images of the right navigation are actually linked to something else than blank templates, so you can replace the 4 others with light/music/security/hvac/etc... Wink

[Image: tarivamobilecurrent.jpg] [Image: tarivamobileday1.jpg] [Image: tarivamobileday2.jpg]

The first step requires adding a CQC Variable driver (suggested moniker: VarMobile). Then using the CQC Admin Interface, go to the "Administer local client drivers" to add the Variable driver and use the Import button to read the dump files included in the zip (VarMobile-Metric and Imperial). So the idea is that you import all the templates included in the zip file.

To illustrate the relationship between the various template/overlay, colors have been added to the following image (i.e. the actual templates will look different):

[Image: mobil2.jpg]

The starting point is Mobile-Main, which contains the MainOverlay (blue) and the right navigation bar. Clicking a topic on the right will load a template in that MainOverlay.

One of those templates (set by default) would be Mobile-Main_Weather (I've included a Mobile-Main_Overlay_Blank, as starting point for your own...), which itself contains the Overlay_Weather (yellow) and the bottom navigation bar. Clicking a sub-topic will load a template in that Overlay_Weather.

Templates for five such Weather sub-topics are included as Mobile-Weather_Current (set by default) and Mobile-Weather_Day1 to 4. The image of the thermometer was created by jrlewis.
(reserved, in case I need it...)
I haven't really been following the taRIVA thread, and I'm assuming that the "swipe to access" is in reference to that? How does the "swipe" work?

Am I right in guessing that a swipe from right to left will have the effect of scrolling the template 64 pixels to the left, effectively hiding the left-most 64 pixels, and showing the right-most pixels?

Is this functionality limited to the taRIVA and/or iPhone RIVA client?
By swipe I mean just dragging your finger on the screen to see more of it... Not sure how the iPhone RIVA client does it, though potts.mike did mention doing something similar...
On the iPhone a single finger drags the screen around. I just use up and down to hide nd show a toolbar and some transport controls. I use. Two finger swipe mapped to hot keys that scrolls the toolbar left and right.
the iphone client's behavior is actually controlled by options. in one setting, you can scroll the screen around as discussed here. in the other, single finger swipes map to hotkeys (in addition to two-finger swipes). the latter setting is handy for template sets that are exactly the resolution of the screen.
Updated the template pack, which now uses a CQC Variable driver for the units. So make sure to re-read the instructions... The images have slightly changed, but I haven't updated the included ones.
Another small update, mostly to clarify how to add new templates... The weather one was actually a special case, so I added a Home as well as used random CQC images to link to the Blank_Overlay...
Version 0.4

- Fixed the Home template, which for some strange reason had a text field when it should have been a static text...

- Added a Movies template, which just shows a CQC Repository browser, based on a test template from Batwater.
Fonceur, I tried implementing your templates on my iPhone. I got them to operate properly, but navigation via swiping right or down to see the menus was jerky and seemed to take a moment to steady. Maybe this is just how its supposed to work on an iPhone but neither the wife nor I liked the experience. Also, wasn't sure how to put a list of songs on a music template and swipe to scroll songs without scrolling the whole screen. Can swiping sensitivity be adjusted? Also, can swiping apply to list browser without moving the main template? Just wondering before investing much more time. Thanks.
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