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Full Version: Looking for Wind Direction/Compass Images
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I am starting to create a new IV for my recently purchased weather station. One of the things I want to include is a wind direction indicator. I've downloaded a set of images that someone created on this forum, but I am looking for something a little more modern - and probably without the direction spelled out in the images. I'm also looking for a decent "compass" background or something to put the wind direction needle images on.

Does anyone have something they are using that they can share?

Brian what weather station HW did you acquire? (not that that makes any difference, I'm just a weather geek, amongst other geekiness)
I picked up a Oregon Scientific WRM968. It is OK, but certainly nothing to get too excited about. Some of my readings are not accurate (mainly the outdoor humidity level is totally wrong). But the price was right (less than $100 with spare parts). From what I have read, the outdoor temp/humidity sensor tends to go bad.
Hey Brian,

Did you ever find good wind direction images? I'm trying to build a UI for my weather station (Davis) now, and of course the wind is too sexy to leave numeric.

No. I have one image widget with some simple arrows but it looks pretty amateurish because the arrows. I was really hoping to create more of a compass and have the arrows rotate around the center of the image. But I could never find anything like that.