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Full Version: xm radio template with images
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Looking for an xm radio template...something that has a list or pages of the stations as icons.

you can get xm/sirius icons here:
gacevich Wrote:you can get xm/sirius icons here:
i'm looking to update my xm cab with the merged xm/sirius channels. i could not find updated icons at guifx for the most recent xm channel lineup. any know where icons for the current xm channel lineup can be found?
I have some that I renamed from someone else here. But I renamed them using the Sirius lineup with Best of XM - they may be similar. If you want I can upload those.
pm sent...

How can I get the Sirius with best of XM?

PM me with your email.

Edit: They may need some updating, I haven't touched them since I originally inputted everything about a year ago.