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Full Version: Progress bars
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I am setting up a progress bar for music and video run time. right now I am using the stock images but they are a little bland. Anyone have a good set of images that they ise with a progress bar that they would care to share?

I am going to bump this.

It would be awesome if there were a set of images that looked similar to os x or ios. If not that then something dark grey on light gray background?
Can you point to such an image that you are talking about?

Dark grey on light gray at the top

Although I would prefer it the other way around (dark showing progress)
Try these. There's a background and two fill options, plus an overlay. Try the background plus Fill 2 and then use the overlay as the overlay image and crank the opacity down on it about halfway and see how you like that.

These will be in System\PBars\Glass\ after the next drop, but you can play with them in the meantime by just importing them to the user area and trying them.
Hopefully I can find time to try these out this weekend