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Full Version: TTS II Driver requirements
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I am trying to install the TTS II driver and the manifest is asking for which voice to use.

I can't find any reference to what we need to install wrt the MS TTS and voices.  Is this part of the CQC installer where the we are asked if we want to install the Kinect drivers etc or is it totally separate.

Its a MS on a Win10 machine, so TTS is installed and voices are there.

Some guidance is needed.
You do need to install the Speech Platform stuff. You don't need any Kinect stuff, just the speech engine and at least one of the voices. Zira seems to be the best one, from what I've seen. Be sure to install the right version of the engine. CQC is 32 bit so it will only use the 32 bit one. You can install them both if you want, but CQC only uses the 32 bit one.