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Full Version: Combining label and value???
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Been banging my head on this for the evening.  I'm building some simple lighting pages for my phone.  In the end, I decided on a standard set of buttons; Off, 25%, 50%, 75%, Full.  I'd also like to somehow have another button(header) that says:  "Carriage Lights: 50%".  Obviously, the X% is a function of the current value.

I've tried this several ways and can't seem to get it sorted out.  I've tried it with variables and with field values.  What I honestly wanted was a label button in the middle with another button on either side to raise/lower by 20%.  I can work the logic with if/else for not going over/under 100/0... but then I run into faults when trying to add values.

There's gotta be an easier way than what I've been doing (which isn't working perfectly).

Thoughts anyone?

In any of the widgets that are field or variable driven, generally you can put a %(f) in the caption text and that will be replaced with the current value of the field or driver.

From one of the "Tip o' the Day" threads:

There are field and variable based command buttons which should work with that. Normally they just display the value of the field or variable, but if you add some text and put the %(f) in it, they will just put the value the text where the token is.
Thanks Dean,

Lots of stuff drifts away when you don’t use it for awhile. Now I have a quick and cheap phone interface via CTC CQC.