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Full Version: How do I do this?
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Hi everyone...long time since i have been around. Trying to set my new system up after many years of no CQC setup.

1: What button would I use to do the following...
Turn on multiple devices
Turn off multiple devices
Display that the devices have been turned off or on as a group on the button
Once I can get a Yamaha Driver for my CXA5100 preamp, I would also like it to send the command to the Yamaha for how many channels to turn 11 channel stereo, 5.1, Atmos, etc.

2: How do i copy my old graphic png files to CQC...Where is the directory?

3: What is the best/easiest way for me (rookie) to play movies, and music in CQC now? I have hundreds of Blurays, and thousands of CDs on my Unraid NAS, and currently use my Oppo 203, Kodi, and have a Plex account (need to setup Plex again) to stream them. I remember in the past I used MyMovies, and DVDProfiler, but I had DVD changers, and now all my movies are MKV, Ior SO.and most of my music is FLAC or WAV.
1. You use a basic command button, and the action would just send out the commands you want to send to turn things off or on.

If you want to have all of the status of the devices as a whole, you can use the logic server to do that. It allows you to create fake fields the values of which are driven by other fields. You would create a boolean field, set it be true if all expressions are true, and add an IsTrue expression for the power state of each device (or IsEqual if the power state is not a boolean value.) That would make the field true if all the devices are on, else false.

2. Put all the image in a directory. In CQC's browser tree, under /Customize/Images/User, right click and create a new child scope for your images. Select all of the images and do a copy, then right click on your new child scope and do a paste. You could create multiple sub-scopes under your new child scope and put various images in each one, but you'll have to copy and paste each one separately. The paste operation won't try to figure out any directory structure of the source images and re-recreate that.

BTW, you can also just drag and drop as well. So either copy/paste, or mark them all and drag and drop them on the target scope within CQC's tree browser.

3. The Plex driver would likely be a good choice for you. For the main theater you can run the Windows based player, which CQC can control. You can use its own interface for browsing if you want, or you can use CQC for that.

For mobile clients, just use the player app itself directly.

You should go through some of the new videos to get yourself accustomed to the new 5.x way of doing things.
Thanks Dean, I made it as far as video 4, and was trying to get that part done before I moved on, but was wondering about the movies and music part too.
Which Plex driver would I use for Plex Pass? Do I still install CQC Media stuff for Plex to work? Is there a step by step on getting this to work?
For the Plex stuff itself, it's not terribly well documented. But Plex is both the repository and the renderer. So you would install two drivers, one which is the repo and exposes the media data, and one or more others to control Plex players. I don't know a lot about it, so I haven't added a lot of information to either the repo or renderer driver documents for Plex.

There's information here on the forum from back when it was being worked out. I'll try to find some of it.
OK, so after a lot of poking around I found this thread where the driver was newly introduced and it has all of the discussion:

For now read through that for some info. I will try over the next week or so to read through and digest what I can figure out and get that information into the driver docs.
Thank you, Dean!
Has CQC by any chance gotten to where it can retrieve or scan a directory of movies or music yet? It would be great if it can scan or use my Kodi file that shows all my movies, and music, or even use my movies, or dvdprofiler to retrieve the info so CQC could be the full media player.
CQC can use DVD Profile's exported XML file. You just install the DVD Profile repository driver.

You'll have to find something to use for playback. You can't use Plex players with anything but Plex. A Dune player is an option.
Will the Dune player play everything, and work well with CQC?
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