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Full Version: Onkyo tx NR676
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My Denon died so i am replacing it with the Onkyo TX NR676. It has good reviews and in checking the drivers I saw that there is a universal TCP driver for Integra\Onkyo.

However in trying to set it up I find that the drive is model specific and this model is not included. How hard would it be to include it or which model already there would be closest to working?
There's a TX-NR709. That's probably as good a starting point as any. Give it a shot and see how it does. If not, we can start from that probably. The closest thing I have documentation for is the TX-NR626. Hoefully there's a more recent version of the protocol docs available out there.
I can connect picking the NR709. However only one of the inputs will work.
Volume change does work
Mute does work.
Most of the listening modes do not match nor do they work.

When I say they do not work I mean that when I try to change them via admin interface the driver changes but the receiver does not.
I found a more recent document but the closest it has is TX-NR646. But it's from a few years ago, so I assume there's a more recent one to be found.
Dean, can you post that doc or send it to me so I can see how it matches up with the NR676?
Is the file iscp_avr_133?

That file does have the inputs that are on this model. Mainly instead of:
Video 1 01
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 6

It would need:
CBL/Sat 01
STRM Box 11
Game 02
PC 05

Listening modes are not that important to me as I don't change those very often and seldom by automation.
Yeh, that's the same one I found. I didn't find a more recent one. We really need to find that documentation since we need to support the same stuff that all the other other models in the driver support, else we'd have to special case this one all over the place.
But isn't that what's there now --- Individual models. What if this is the latest one? I know there are more models out now but that doc covers what looks like the latest enhancements. As far as I can see the driver only covers the basics - Power, Volume, Inputs etc. Wouldn't it just be a matter of adding the additional inputs that the current driver doesn't have? Wouldn't even have to rename it.

I know I'm looking at this simplistically since I know nothing about writing a driver. I just would hate to have to return this unit and buy an older one in order to have it work with CQC.
We just need to know that we have the right info. Otherwise, two weeks later you change something and it fails because the driver isn't prepared for something it got, because we didn't spell it right or whatever. The driver is generic so it just has a little info about the model and the main code does the rest. So we just need to support whatever the core fields are that that generic code expects to be there.

Wait, I found it. There's an Onkyo_AVR_5-17 spreadsheet file out there that includes that one. I'll take a look at it in the next day or so. I've not messed with that driver much, so I'll have to figure out the details again.

So is this guy an Integra or an Onkyo?
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