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Full Version: Official 5.3 Beta Discussion Thread
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Dean, I noticed that the zwave appliance are showing as light switches for the semantic type. Is that intentional?

When can we expect the Motion sensors I sent over to work?
Which specific ones are we talking about?

I just added the Eco 2.0 PIR and Aeotec ZW-100 just now, plus a number of others.
Those would be them. I assume I’ll need to upgrade?
Yeh, in a bit here when I get 907 uploaded.
OK, 5.2.907 is posted, with yet more Z-Wave unit type support. Thermostat support is all but done, but there aren't any to test with yet. But I wanted to get it worked out since it is one of the more complex ones, and it did drive some necessary changes.
Hi Dean,

Just installed .907, one of my Yale locks showed up correctly x07 but x06 which is an identical lock is showing up as a Cooper RF9540-NAW ????

        Name: Unit_6
          Id: 6
     DevType: Routing Slave
     GenType: EntryCtrl
    SpecType: 3
        Make: Cooper
       Model: RF9540-NAW
       Flags: Beaming FreqListen 
      ManIds: 129 2 0
    CppClass: TDimmerUnit
              Association (1)
              Config (1)
              ManSpec (1)
              MLSwitch (1)
              Naming (1)
              Notification (1)
              PowerLev (1)
              SceneAct (1)
              SceneActConf (1)
              SwitchAll (1)
              Version (1)

Extra Info: 

How do you want to diagnose this?  I did not delete anything just loaded the new version of the code.

That has to be some sort of one off, or index vs. id thing. I'll look at it. In the meantime, force it to rescan (drop down menu for that unit) and see if it picks it up right. If so, then the one off thing has to be happening during the initial scan on start up or something. The fact that the one that's wrong is one value off short it argues for that as well.
Yup, rescan corrected the issue
Have you actually tried using any of this stuff, just through the raw driver monitor tab is fine, to see if things correctly respond to field writes, and that the field updates in response to changes made at the device?
I just was able to lock / unlock one of my Yale locks, state change was reflected.  

Bug note: Driver field unit name is not reflected from unit name change in Client side driver, neither the Lock true/false or the battery field reflect a name change.

Where do I get the the message from the lock, e.g. which user code was used to unlock the lock?  Both are capabilities of the VRC0P Z-Wave driver.

I was able to turn the Fibaro RGBW on and off.  Haven't tried yet to change the color...