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FS: RadioRA2 Gear

I have quite a bit of RadioRA2 gear I will be posting for sale.  I'll be gradually updating this post as I take inventory of everything.

RadioRA2 Equipment (All in Ivory unless N/A [Controllers, HVAC, etc.]

New In Box:
8x RRD-10ND-IV RadioRA2 Dimmer (1000Watts) $130.00 each

1x RRD-W7B-IV RadioRA2 7 Button Keypad $190.00 each
2x RRD-W6BRL-IV RadioRA2 6 Button Keypad w/ Raise & Lower buttons $190.00 each
2x RRD-W5BRL-IV RadioRA2 5 Button Keypad w/ Raise & Lower buttons $190.00 each
1x RRD-H5BRL-IV RadioRA2 Hybrid - Local Dimmer and 5 Button Keypad w/ Raise & Lower  buttons $250.00 each
1x RRD-H6BRL-IV RadioRA2 Hybrid - Local Dimmer and 6 Button Keypad w/ Raise and Lower buttons $250.00 each
5x RRD-8ANS-IV RadioRA2 Switch (8A Lighting or 1/4HP Motor) $80.00 each
1x RRD-10D-IV RadioRA2 Dimmer (1000Watts) (No Neutral Required) $90.00 each
9x RRD-10ND-IV RadioRA2 Dimmer (1000Watts) $90.00 each *SOLD*
9x RD-RD-IV RadioRA2 Remote Dimmer ` $25.00 each

2x LR-HVAC-INT RadioRA2 HVAC Controller with wireless “puck” sensor $175.00 each
1x RR-VCRX-WH RadioRA2 Visor Controller $175.00 each
2x RR-MAIN-REP-WH RadioRA2 Repeater  (Main Control Unit for RadioRA2) $275.00 each

I can help provide you the RadioRA2 Programming software, some assistance getting started, and even Inclusive mode (if your heart desires).

I may be interested. May I ask why you are getting rid of them?
I'm upgrading Wink

I originally purchased the best of the best point solutions to integrate with a home automation solution (such as CQC.) Since then, I've changed my strategy and have moved to a single vendor solution for everything.

Feel free to PM me for contact details and we can talk more and address any concerns. I'm happy to hear your home automation vision and can tell you what works well and what doesn't.
Giving this a bump since it's been quite some time.
PM sent earlier.
Flamin' Noobie...
Warp speed now and don't give me any of that dilythium crystal crap!

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