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Current status of iOS app
UPDATE: The phone on 10.0.1 stopped working today. Same behaviour. Gestures work fine and in a timely manner. Buttons do not.
Have you rebooted he CQC MS?

Maybe there is an issue there and the RIVA server and not in iOS.

Are you connecting on a local network and do you see the same behaviour over an internet based connection?
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
It is working on my phone running 10.2 beta 2

My UI is very simple, but buttons are responsive and working the same they did before.
I have 10.1.1 on a 6 S no probs!
Yes, I have a 6 as well on 10.1.1 works fine. Just the iPhone 7 is having troubles.

Not sure what to try next.
Just to confirm this is still and will be an issue for iPhone 7 users. I assume it has something to do with the 3D touch feature of the iPhone. However turning that feature off does nothing to fix the problem. The CQC RIVA app is not functional on current devices.
Anyone else have an iphone 7 without this issue that NightLight brought up?

NightLight, any update?
No updates, it's kind of a big problem with no ease solutions. I can imagine it's going to take some time to sort out a real solution. Or someone will have to take up development of the iOS app again.

I shattered my 6 screen yesterday and was tempted to just go out and buy a 7 but this issue gave me pause.

I ended up getting the screen repaired. Glad I did.

I agree with you this is a rather big problem.
I have replaced RIVA with windows RDP and the native IV client. Works great on my iOS devices.

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