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Looking for input on basement lighting
Hello all,
I'm looking for some input on some basement lighting. Some background

I built my sons house 8 years ago. Since it included an "apartment" for me for the future I moved my CQC system there. For lighting I use Zwave control via CQC to Elk to VRC0P. I have about 70 devices on the system and except for a hickup a couple of years ago it has been rock solid.

Now I am finishing the basement. I am unsure about using Zwave down there for a couple of reasons. I would have to learn all about it again as i haven't thought about it for a while. I am concerned about doing anything to the existing system for fear it will trigger troubles.

So I am considering a couple of alternatives. Using a different Zwave controller for a separate network using the ISY994iZW. Going with UPB. Or Going with Insteon.

Will I have trouble with two different Zwave networks?
Is the Universal Devices driver good for the ISY994iZW?
Is anyone using Pulseworx UPB controller?

How reliable are any of the above with CQC?

Thanks for feedback
George M

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