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5.0 Preview Stuff
So, I've unstuck the old 5.0 preview thread because it was really old and had lots of outdated info and discussion in it. Now that we are much, much closer to the end of the tunnel, I'm starting a new one now so that folks don't have to wade through all of that discussion and wonder what's still relevant.

I've done a couple videos that show the latest state of the state, which I think you'll agree is a massive step forward. It's really one video in two parts, partly because it would be overly long as one but also because Camtasia dumped me out of the recorder when hit F10 during the demo. These are quick and dirty, I'll do more formal ones ultimately, but didn't want to take a lot of time since I know things will still be changing.

Let me know what you think. In retrospect there are quite a few things I didn't show because I didn't think about them, but these videos are long enough and are really just overviews anyway.

They are also overviews for existing customers, not something to guide new users. They are to show existing users how things they currently do are done in the new scheme.

Here is a new 'marketing blurb' video that is non-technical and just shows what CQC is basically and what it does for you.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Very Nice!
Dave Bruner
Looks great, Dean!

Nice sharp new interface.

What is the expected release date for this?
I can't say for sure when it will be officially released. Of course we'll get progressively more solid betas out for folks to play with before that, and will have a solid beta for existing customers while I'm working on updating all the help and web site and such (which new customers will need.)
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
BTW, I should say that it will look slightly different on Win7, and maybe on Win8, since I'm wrapping the standard controls now. So it adapts more to the native look.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Dean, I just looked at the 5.0 preview videos. Looks great. Couple of questions.

1. Some of my templates are very large. Will there be a full screen mode that the new interface editor can be put in so I'll have a much bigger view of a large template.

2. Has the action editor been updated at all? Add things like copy and paste a group of commands. Add do loop or do while capabilities?

3. You have the macro editor enhanced and part of the new admin IF. What about the CML driver editor. Is that part of or going to be part of the new Admin IF?

Thanks for all the work, improvements and support.

1. You could only maximize the admin client and make the other panes as small as possible while still being useful. Of course if you have a multi-monitor system you could stretch the admin client across them.

2. No, nothing really is being done in terms of functionality in all of this. That would be too much to take on on top of the reworking of the interface. As I mentioned in the video, there has been lots of changes, but mostly in the back end to the extent required to support the new front end.

3. They will end up in there, though those will likely be the last things done. I want to get out some betas first, and those aren't really required in order to do that.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
1. Will you still be able to run a standalone IE full screen. Some of my main templates are 1920 by 2020.
There isn't a standalone IE anymore. All the tools are incorporated into the admin client. So you may have to do a bit of scrolling in some cases. But you can also size down the side windows very small, which would make it about the same.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Looks terrific Dean! After upgrading to 5.0, will all our current be converted to that format?

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