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Repository + RIVA problems
I have been making some media browsing interfaces, and encountered what appear to be some problems.

1) Using the RIVA app on iPad and TaRIVA on Android, a Media Category Browser is always blank. In the IV, the categories are filled in and the browser works fine, but on RIVA, the action CategoryBrowser::GetCount returns 0. I have checked this using MyMovies, iTunes, and JRiver as the repository. The test case is a simple template with two widgets: a Media Category Browser linked to a repo, and a text field to display the count.

2) Using MyMovies and the Cover Art Browser in the IV, when the category is "All Movies", the Image shows the "missing" artwork, but when a category is set, the correct artwork appears. Set back to "All Movies", the artwork disappears.

CQC Version is 4.8.3
As a sanity check, can you try the shipped (Windows) RIVA client and see what you see there?
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Same result with Windows RIVA Client.

In my minimal test template, I also added a Cover Art Browser and tried configuring it for MyMovies and JRiver repositories, and the CAB comes up blank (but it does have entries in the IV).

It looks like various widgets in the Media category are not working for RIVA clients.
You are using a pattern template for the CAB, right? Are you using a full or relative path to the template?
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
CAB is using the default layout, with the path \System\Layouts\DefaultCABLayout

I also tried it with ..\..\System\Layouts\DefaultCABLayout

Both forms work in IV and are blank in RIVA.
I just tried it and it worked fine for me in the Windows RIVA client, and no one else has complained, so my first suspicion is some sort of setup issue. Is this a single machine setup, or are the RIVA server and the drivers on different systems?

On the machine where the RIVA server is running, is the CQC Client Service running OK? That guy pulls down media data from repo drivers and pre-processes it for fast access by IVs. In the case of RIVA clients, the RIVA server is the IV for this purpose.

It maybe that the RIVA server can't connect to the client services. Have you set up the CQC App Shell service to run under a regular admin account? That may take care of the issue.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Things are distributed across a few machines. Master server and Riva server on one, repo drivers on two different machines, and then running Windows Riva client on a third, or Riva on iOS and Android.

I just tried installing a Riva server on the same machine as the MyMovies driver.

That works correctly, for all of the Riva clients, on various machines.

I will look some more into arranging drivers and servers to make them all happy.
It should work either way, so we need to figure out what's up. I'm going out for a walk (all too rare nice day.) I'll think on it some more when I get back.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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