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How To Configure SmartThings as Primary ZWave Controller
Attached are the detailed steps required to use the SmartThings hub (v2 in my case) as a primary ZWave controller and the Leviton VRC0P as a secondary controller which is then interfaced with CQC.

jkmonroe did most of the leg work to figure out the detailed technical how to. The attached document is the culmination of his initial discovery work, a google+ hangout with me, jkmonroe, and ivb and then me writing down the steps I took to add devices to my system.


- SmartThings Hub
- Leviton VRC0P+2 (newest model currently available)
- ZWave devices


- SmartThings client app on your favorite smart device (not required)
- SmartThings web sites

Let's use this thread to further the conversation as new learnings come up and/or if you have any questions.


Attached Files
.zip   SmartThings (Size: 13.05 KB / Downloads: 54)
Has anyone in the UK/EU figured out how to interface Smartthings with CQC?
Ben, I'm thinking about adding a Smartthings controller. Is this still the state of the art for accessing via CQC? I see Dean is working on a Z-Wave driver. Would that eliminate the need for this solution?

Cheers, Richard
My Other web server is Dropbox.
He's using ST as a master controller. You always need a master. You need a master controller to handle adding/removing units on the Z-Wave network, and some other plumbing functionality. There are other options as well, such as the Leviton Vizia RF software based one, though some folks don't like it.

Our drivers (upcoming one included) work via a secondary controller, so it's a separate unit on the Z-Wave network from the master. I use the Vizia software, but I'm just using it for development purposes, not in a real system.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
What Dean said. ST is my master controller and I've been very happy with the reliability and like ability to add new devices and then tweak device drivers when needed.

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