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Insteon Hub Support
Is the INSTEON 2245-222 HUB supported by CQC, wasn't able to determine from the driver list?

SmartHome has a deal on the hub and 6 leak detect sensors that is cheaper than going with just Z-Wave leak detector modules.

I'm not sure. When I was doing the driver everyone just called it the 'ISY', so I'm not sure if that's a pet name, or an actual model, or if it's something different from what you are talking about.

One of the ISY users who knows more about it will have to kick in on that. Maybe we can get the driver doc updated with more specific model info.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
The (Smarthome) Insteon hub is not the same as the Universal Devices ISY.
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I have one of the 2245's because the Echo talks directly to it and does a good job. It would be great if it could also be interfaced with CQC.

The 2245 and two lamp dimmers are all of the Insteon I have, but it looks interesting enough to think about expanding if more control was available (ie CQC). Seems pretty reliable as is.
I'm reluctant to add a proprietary 1 vendor protocol, Insteon but the bundle was sweet enough to tempt me as I am interested in water detection. Glad to hear that the hub is solid for you!

I did just find z-wave leakage dection sensors at Lowes for $30 so other than the SmartHome bundle deal if I were to add more leakage detectors it would cost more per unit anyway and if I factor in the cost difference of not having the hub z-wave is less expensive solution.
Just so everyone is aware, the ISY has an Alexa skill and also works with their 'lighting API'. So if you have an ISY, you can connect your Insteon devices through the Echo as well as into CQC with the single device.
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I don't want to appear too contrarian but I don't get the Insteon Hub in the CQC world. ISY does everything and much more. FWIW I'd rather have Dean's resources spent on hardware with less redundancy. This is just an opinion from a customer of both ISY and CQC.
Yeh, for these types of complex scenarios, it's hard to justify supporting the same hardware two different ways.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Dean Roddey Wrote:Yeh, for these types of complex scenarios, it's hard to justify supporting the same hardware two different ways.

I will add it would be most helpful to add a couple of very useful ISY fields in the V2 driver, namely the leak detectors and ISY variables.
Once we get over the 5.0 hump, we can start looking at some stuff like that.

I assume leak detectors are really just boolean sensors or some sort?
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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