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Lost my iPhone connectivity
Hmmm, lost my Sonos control through my iPhone a little while back. Had a simple one pager that would allow me to toggle outputs on my Nuvo; which in turn receives input from my Sonos. Ignored that for a little while until I decided to wash and reseal the paint on my car this evening (need muzak!). Figured out that the issue was somehow the source got set wrong. Fixed that through the server, and now my iPhone won't connect to CQC (probably not related).

Any method to debug that issue? It has been flawless up until now. I did add a new Meraki wireless access point, but I don't think that's the problem as everything else to the internet works fine.

Okay, so maybe it is my Meraki... can't seem to ping my server from my iMac or iPhone.

Okay, so I figured it out... something going on with IP address. Everything listed up fine, but server wouldn't respond to pings from anyone, even router. Quick reboot and back online. <he shrugs>
Flamin' Noobie...
Warp speed now and don't give me any of that dilythium crystal crap!

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