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Client won't connect
It was apparently my wi-fi. That puzzled me since some things worked, and others didn't. I used Fing to scan it and it showed a number of the connected items greyed out which meant they were off-line.

I rebooted the router and the iPad once again connected normally.

Being tied to a Century Link router is a situation I'm not really happy with. My alternative is to switch to Cox and go back to cable. There aren't great alternatives in the cable world these days. I would like to have my own router, free of outside control, however.

So, once again, the problem had nothing to do with CQC. It's still stable as a rock.
Not a perfect solution as it seems to create it's own unique set of issues, at least if you're a networking hobble wit like me, is to bridge the Century Link router and use one of your own. I.E. make it into a modem.

If you have phone and TV you'll probably have to leave that where it is which might require separate cable runs. And you'll likely have to find the procedure on your own. I doubt if tech support will help even if they know how. In my case a search turned up the procedure on Broadband Reports. Having this made it brain dead simple to do. Rather belied all the tech support types which told me that it was impossible. One to the point of telling me I was an idiot. True but hopefully he got the career counciling he needed.

Doing this let me continue to leave my network independent of service providers. Well at least internally. I don't want to reset everything every time I change services or they 'improved' something. Still means that you might have to figure it out yourself to get the internet back. VPN might be trickier too.
I really don't like this situation of my router being under the external control of CenturyLink. It's not because I have any secrets they might discover, it's because they make changes that screw my system up. Not to mention the mouse chewing through the fiber optics cable recently that took me out of service for a day and a half.

My solution, if I decide to exercise it would be to move to Cox. Luckily, I have two cable services running past my house. I'd have to give up my 950 Mbps download speed, but I can get 100 Mbps from Cox. I don't download movies, music or anything else that is demanding, so 100 would probably be OK for surfing the internet and getting email which is about all I do with it.

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