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Client won't connect
Client log-in failing. It just sits and spins with the message "reconnecting".

No unusual error message in the log (that I recognize).
Template that should load on the Client Ipad functions normally on the PC.
Timed Events appear to have executed on schedule.

When I discovered this, I also noted that the icons were all messed up on the server monitor screen.

I have rebooted several times with no changes occurring.

What next to try?

You mean the Windows desktop icons were all messed up? That guy won't log to the CQC log, it has one of it's own. I'm not an Apple guy so I'm not sure how it's enabled, but hopefully some other Apple user can tell you how to do it.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Just to be clear, the icons I referred to are the regular screen icons or shortcuts as MS calls them, not any CQC icons.
Thinking a file somewhere might have become glitched, I re-installed CQC, but nothing changed.

I am sure my iPad is getting to the CQC server, as when I reboot the "lost connection" screen shows up on my iPad instead of the spinning icon and the words "reconnecting".

Unfortunately, without the ability to connect with iPad, CQC is dead for me.
If I'm following correctly the Windows icons on the MS monitor are messed up. True? That would be a Windows or hardware issue, not CQC.

How does the iPad connect? RDP or Riva?
Yes, the Windows icons were messed up on the PC. I don't know if that occurrence was related to the iPad going down or not. I thought it might be relative, so I mentioned it.

I don't know if the iPad connects as RDP or RIVA. I rather think it isn't RIVA, but not sure. I connected it several years ago with Dean giving me directions. Is there a way I can check?
I'd guess the two are related. Is the PC working properly now?

If the iPad just connects when you turn it on I'm not sure where to start. Otherwise, what app do you launch to connect? Do you get any messages before it fails?
The PC is working normally now. The glitch had changed the resolution on one of the two monitors connected to it. I changed it back to native and rearranged the iCons back to their original layout. That seems to be all that occurred.

CQC seems to be operating normally in all regards except for the iPad connecting. The Events trigger on schedule, the CQC Admin Interface operates the templates normally, and the reaction to Echo is functioning normally.
Does your server have a fixed IP address? If it glitched, it might have ended up getting a new IP address via DHCP. If you used the IP address when you set up the RIVA client, then it might now be wrong. So it would be good to check that first to discount the possibly obvious.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I've been watching the IP address and it hasn't changed, but when I get back from an appointment, I'll go over the wi-fi carefully. I'm on Century Link Prism and I don't trust that they haven't updated some software or something. They did several weeks ago and messed everything up.

I'm a bit cool on having a system that outsiders are able to make modifications on.

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