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Looking to overhaul my CQC setup
I realized today that my CQC UI is at least 5 years old with very few changes. I say 'my', but I know it was created from a template posted by another user as my UI skills are weak at best. But, it's now time to update. I envision a Windows Modern UI look with the live tiles approach. I did a quick scan on this forum but didn't see any user ones posted. Does anyone have any similar looking UIs that they'd be willing to share?

I'm not asking for spoonfeeding on all of it, just looking for a simple sample UI to start from and adapt to my needs. I want to setup Weather, Lighting, Ecobee Thermostat (Showing info from 6 aux sensors), Elk Alarm keypad, and two different security cameras (GeoVision & BlueIris).

I also had some attempts at controlling my Nuvo Grand Essentia & 3 Logitech Squeeze Receivers but have really not used that much since I really never found a UI I liked that worked for main scenario of picking a zone and then picking a Pandora station on the Squeeze relievers. But, I'll probably go back to trying to setting it up and to integrate some CQC void announcements in to my system and piping them through the in-ceiling speakers.

I figure I also need to do some overhaul of my behind the scenes triggers and code as well since it was done before the logic server. Looks like I'll have some things to keep me busy for Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays.
You can always use the auto-generation system to generate a starter set of templates and build up from there, or steal overall layout ideas from there. They use a 'tile' oriented system for the main screen. Selecting one (that provides detail info) slides the whole thing to the left to expose that detail info on the right. A home button slides you back right to leave on the main tiles screen again.

Basically the main screen is a template twice the width of the main overlay (on the background template.) It in turn contains two overlays, one one the left (holes the main tiles screen) and one on the right. When you make a selection, it just loads the detail template for that selection into the right handle side, and then slides the whole thing left.

Note that we actually have a live tile type widget now, but the auto-generation system doesn't current use it. A nice thing about those real live tile widgets is that the contents is always read only and clicking anywhere in the tile works, you don't have to click somewhere outside of the content widgets inside it.

The above (sliding) scheme would well for those also, because they are live and take a bit to load (they use a field to drive what template they should load inside themselves, so that they can change their contents over time if needed.) So it's nice to keep them loaded all the time, which the sliding scheme does. The tiles are always there, but sometimes just off screen.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Thanks Dean. I am so far behind I wasn't all that up to date on V2 drivers and auto-gen. I'll start migrating to V2 drivers and see what I can do. That UI does have a good start for me and much more up to date!
Sendero Wrote:Thanks Dean. I am so far behind I wasn't all that up to date on V2 drivers and auto-gen. I'll start migrating to V2 drivers and see what I can do. That UI does have a good start for me and much more up to date!

This is exactly what I did. I'm UI skills are pretty low, so the auto-gen system gives a pretty good start at things. Dean has even commented alot of the underlying code to explain what is being done.

I now have lighting & weather all hoooked up. Still working on Security integration. But my biggest question is around the multi-room audio.

What is the best repository approach where I already have all my media on a NAS share? Say I have \\nas\Media and 95% of the metadata is correct, how do I easily add that to CQC?
You can use a file tag repository. If there's a lot of content, then it can be a bit slow to load, particularly if it's on a NAS (where the a lot of the data has to be pulled over to the machine where the driver is loaded in order for it to just pull the metadata out.)

Do you use anything to manage the metadata now?
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Use Plex! It's seems rock solid. Auto updates libraries with content as it's added. The integration is new but so far seems really good.
The one gotcha with Plex is that it expects a particular file layout. So if you have a lot of movies you might have to spend some time rearranging (with the possibility that you have to un-re-arrange if you decide you can't use it for some reason and want to go back.) But you could always try it with a subset of titles first.

The other is that, if you are going to have multiple portable/non-PC players, then transcoding is likely to come into play, i.e. whatever machine the Plex server is on is going to be taking the hit of transcoding that material on the fly in some cases unless the material is ripped in a certain format. Even one transcoding session process can be very CPU intensive, and multiple simultaneous ones far more so, so it's probably not something you want happening on your CQC server machine unless it's pretty manly. And if you have a lot of titles, re-ripping them all may be more than you are willing to do.

This all depends on what platform the players are on and what formats that they can natively stream, or more to the point what formats the Plex player on that platform will make use of native resources to process for display.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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