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Sonos Opinions
Those of you that have Sonos, especially if you were once a Squeezebox user, Can you tell me what your general opinions have been of it?

What renderer are you using?
We have two Sonos drivers. One is a standard media renderer, and one is a Sonos specific zone player driver. The former is for if you want to use the Sonos as a passive player driven by CQC, and the latter is for if you want to use Sonos directly but have CQC be aware of what is playing and provide transport control, plus some other Sonos specific features.

They are both UPnP based.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Will also need to get off the Logitech Squeezebox Touch at some point. Does the Sonos driver let you display now playing album art in CQC from Sonos streaming media sources?
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As you probably noticed from another thread, siriusxm is changing the format of their internet stream rendering the logitech devices, and others, unusable, save for a firmware update(not likely on the logitech).

I would assume that inorder to continue receiving the siriusxm stream i'd need to use the Sonos renderer as opposed to CQC's?

Or would it not make a difference?
kfly Wrote:Will also need to get off the Logitech Squeezebox Touch at some point. Does the Sonos driver let you display now playing album art in CQC from Sonos streaming media sources?


I'll let Dean confirm, but it seems, from reading through some of KarenLees posts that it does.

We moved from squeeze boxes a couple years ago and never looked back. I have it configured with the zone player driver for basic transport control. We love the fact that everything "just works".
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Thanks Mike,

You sealed the deal for me.

Amazon Prime tomorrow. Smile
The Zone Player driver doesn't provide art work. I'm not sure if that's even doable, at least not directly. Karen may have found an indirect way of doing it. If it is doable, I'm happy to add support for it.

When you use standard CQC repo/renderer combinations, we get the metadata from our own media repository, so we aren't dependent on the device to provide it, or to provide enough of it. In the case of the zone player driver, you aren't browsing media and starting playback via CQC, so it can only get what is provided by the Sonos itself.

Maybe the Sonos provides a URL to go get the artwork from the net or something, I'd have to look into it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean here is KarenLes' post

Quote:Has anyone got any issues playing albums?

I've suddenly got this error:

04/13 01:00:48-AutoServer, CQCServer, CQCDrv_SonosCQCZone4Thread26
CIDUPnP, CIDUPnP_Service.cpp.563, Failed/Cannot Do, Error: 801/6708/2147746674
Action invocation SetAVTransportURI failed on service id urnConfusedchemas-upnp-orgConfusedervice:AVTransport:1
<CQCServer> UPnPMediaRendS_DriverImpl.cpp - 283

I've done no work on my system, so not sure if this is another Sonos-forced-upgrade issue?

Radio stations are playing fine. Album art loads, but there is nothing in the queue. I'm using the file tag repo.

I've got the latest official version of CQC.
I assume she meant on the Sonos application, not within the ZP driver, i.e. the command started something playing on the Sonos, so that much of it worked.

I checked, and in theory the metadata can include a URL for artwork. The free internet stations don't ever seen to provide one, but it looks like the streaming services do. The only one I have access to is the free Pandora one, but it's providing one. I'll see about making use of it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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