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Wireless Tags?
jkmonroe Wrote:so the tags can call a url in cqc? wondering how quickly they could trigger actions.

Sorta. When you click on any of those events you can specify a "Local URL" which is called directly by the Ethernet Tag Manager so it stays within your network. The tag manager is pinging the tags so it will do all the work. The tags just reply with info to the tagmanager. The tagmanger does all the uploading to the cloud servers.

I'm going to setup a quick test in CQC tonight using the HTTP driver/trigger and setting a variable to see how quickly CQC can see my deep freeze door being open notification.

I don't think it can easily be configured to log values locally vs logging them back to their server. But it can act on triggers locally.
That's awesome that it has a local solution. How is the real life range on these?
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I have one tag that is on the far side of a 3-car garage within a Eurocave wine fridge. In between it and the TagManager are at least 4 walls and roughly 100'. The signal is just fine. Also have one within a metal deep freeze about 80' from manager through 3 walls and good signal.

Working on setting up HTTP calls on the deep freeze now...
OK, got it working.

First note - For local URL calling you have to use an IP address instead of a hostname.

Second Note - There is a lag. From when i move the sensor I put it at about 2 seconds for the web app to show the change. But, then its about another 5 seconds before CQC gets the URL call and my test light turns on.
Curious, will it respond when on/off network status changes? I could foresee dropping one of these in my glovebox and generating 'arrive at home' events. Pull in the garage, and house lights and music come on.
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There are events for lost communication & re-established communication, so you could probably use those.

I did run in to a problem though. The URL calling is working but there is a bug in their system apparently where trying to use their params is breaking it.
so what else have you found with these guys? are they working out OK? would they be worth the investment?
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anything more to report? Is it working with CQC? I need temps in a few more locations, I can run wires but not running wires is easier than running wires :-)
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How did it turn out?
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well i just ordered the 5 pack of temp/humidity. they're in SoCal so i'll probably get it 1-2 days after they ship. Should be here before xmas. I'll let you know. I don't need remotely real time, even a minute+ lag is fine by me.
Devices I'm phasing out: ISY, NuVo
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