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Train HTTP Trigger Driver
OK, so you can have CQC add things to your reminders list.

Picture it - grab the WG800 RF thingy and an X10 PalmPad which has 32 total buttons. Configure each one for common groceries, and when you hit the button it can add it to YOUR FREAKING TO DO LIST.

Or have your house tweet.

Or use Automatic for geolocating your CAR.

it's like a whole new world. a new fantastic point of view...
do the needful ...
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jkmonroe Wrote:yeah, i had to port forward so ifttt could hit the trigger driver.

Which port did you forward to?
You set that when you installed the driver. Show the driver info and it should show you the options you chose.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
What I'm trying to establish is which service do I look at? I have quite a few - CQCServer, CQCGWSrv, etc.

I am able to connect to CQCWebsvr fine, so port forwarding appears to be working. But I'm assuming that's the incorrect one because my trigger doesn't work with it?

I had it configured in the router correctly originally, but it didn't work so I went off on a tangent trying to fix it, thinking I had to set the public port to the port I had given the driver and then set the LAN port to a CQC service.

But it turns out the reason it wasn't working is because our useless router doesn't allow us to use loopback!

So I put the config back to how I originally had it, then accessed the url from my mobile phone data connection, and it works.

Blimey the rabbit holes you can go down sometimes...

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