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CQC Remote didn't pick up new ISY V2 instance

Emailed you the log file.

Following Brian's suggestion, I cleared the cache in his CQC Remote program (it's an option under "Menu" on the home page), and when I connected to the master server it picked up all drivers, including the V2 ones.

I'm still waiting for him to let me know if this is an anomaly or should be SOP when drivers are added or removed.

That's good. Yes, I think it should be something you do when drivers are added or deleted. It seems like that doesn't happen to often, so it's wasteful to refetch all the driver data every time you connect. But if there's some way to know when the system configuration has changed and should be refetched, that would be great.
There isn't currently. I'll keep it in mind as I work towards 5.0. There are other things that would like to know that as well.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Brian and Dean:

The cache clearing fixed the problem I was having on my iPhone. I also run CQC Remote on my iPad, and there something different happened. After clearing the cache, every subsequent connection showed no devices. The status light never showed a problem, I had no login errors, and selecting "Info" showed all of the right stuff. I had to delete the server entry and recreate it to get any devices to show up, and then they all did.

This was on my iPad Air 2. I just tried it on my iPad 1, and when I cleared the cache, it behaved like my iphone; that is, correctly.

Whatever happened on the iPad Air is probably irreproducible, but it does reinforce the need for a "drivers have changed" status built-in to the XML protocol.


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