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iPhone 6 Plus Resolution
did you make the template 1242x2208?
Hey Guys,

I'm getting some crashes since upgrading to the newest version. Never had any prior.

Anyone else?
Sad Drat. Any information about when exactly the crashes occur?

- Brian
All I can say right now, Brian, is on certain button pushes. I've not been able to ID a trend at this point.
So is this the Riva that is being modified... If so you might want to go even higher for the Android folks (2560x1600, and I bet Apple goes there next too ). Smile
tia, Ron

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Check this out...I just found a fix for one thing.

I have a button that toggles a toolbar. The button and the toolbar were very close to each other, perhaps even touching. Toggling the toolbar off caused a crash.

The fix:

I moved the toolbar over a little bit so that it wasnt touching the button, and now it doesn't crash.
Can you make a separate template that has the crash-inducing layout and nothing else, with the buttons not actually doing anything, and give me permission to access it? Then I would be able to figure out the problem.
jkmonroe Wrote:did you make the template 1242x2208?

No. The behavior prior to the update was that the when high resolution was not selected the template fitted the screen nicely (with a black bar for the extra high due to aspect ratio change). now the scaled template is not scaling to the full width of the screen.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
ah. i have high res selected, and my template fits the entire screen.
Maybe it's because of that weird final downscaling step that the 6 Plus does. I can definitely imagine that things could have changed after the update. Before, it was emulating the earlier phones' screen sizes. Now it thinks that the app knows about the new size. Are you saying that you can't get the template to fill the screen no matter what you do? Or is it just that you have to size everything up now?

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