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iPhone 6 Plus Resolution
I'm happy to beta test for it.

The first step is for me to get access to a CQC template for testing. If someone can make an iPhone 6-sized template that just has a big picture or something, and send me the server and login credentials, that would be great.
Will setup and send you a pm with info. Probably later today or tomorrow.
Sent you a PM with the login info. Let me know if you have any issues.

It is just a 1920x1080 test image with no other functionality.
Thanks to potts.mike and jokermac for the test setups; I can connect to both. In the phone simulator, set to iPhone 6+, I see, for potts.mike, the photo of the northern lights, centered in a light gray canvas. And for jokermac, I see the TV test pattern, taking up the entire canvas save for a black stripe on the bottom. In both cases, I can swipe to scroll around the entire image. In "High Resolution" mode, the image is about the height of the screen, and I just have to scroll left and right to see everything. With High Resolution off, the image is much larger, and I have to scroll in both directions.

I suspect that somehow this is not what you all are seeing, maybe because the simulator is behaving differently than the real phone. Can you two tell me what you do see, and what kind of phone you have, exactly? Also, when you go back to the main screen and select Cache from the bottom tab bar, do you see the whole background image in the CQCRepo cache?


Do you have it locked in an orientation?
I just tried both locked and not, and it seems to work in both cases.

I wonder if it's a memory issue on the phone. The simulator has a lot more memory available to it. Not sure exactly, though. Let me know what you see on the real phone.
The lower right corner is bounded by the 35 and the 30 in the center circle. You can see the very top of the lower left circle. I am locked in landscape. Phone is iPhone 6 plus with 64gB. Also tried on iPhone 6 with exact same results.

Yes also see entire image in cache. I can scroll entire image on both phones also.
Ah -- so it's all working fine, except that everything is scaled up to be larger than it should be. Is that correct?
OK, I have made a new version which may solve the problem. On the iPhone 6, iOS was looking for a particular thing (an iOS 8 launch screen, as opposed to the older launch image) to indicate that the app was ready to handle the new screen resolution. I didn't have that in the app, so iOS was pretending that the screen was the same size as older phones, causing the scaling problem. I added a launch screen, and now I can see the entire image. In fact, I can see a little more than the entire image. This page explains that the iPhone 6 Plus actually does a little downscaling at the end of the rendering process:

So if you want the template to take up the entire iPhone 6 Plus screen, it actually has to be 1242 x 2208. Not sure why they're jumping through that hoop, but there we are.

I did see a weird glitch in the simulator that caused the main server screen to look funky when the simulated phone was in landscape mode as the app was started (it looked fine when the phone was in portrait mode at the start). But I don't see this problem on my actual iPhone 5, so I'm not sure if it's caused by the simulator, or if it's specific to the iPhone 6. Hopefully we can test and see what happens.

Which brings me to the next step -- testing! Apple's integration with TestFlight now means that if you join my development team, you can access the test build on your phone. I think the first step is for you to send me, publicly or privately, your e-mail address. I then add you as a tester, which causes an e-mail invite to be sent to you. Once you're set up, I can turn on beta testing for the app.

So, send me your e-mail addresses!


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