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Internet of things
yeah. some distribution company put in a $15M bid for them. yet again, i come back to the fact that a company which raised $300,000,000 is up for sale for $15M.

anyone want to start an indiegogo?

i would love to see them release this fully open. could you imagine the types of integration something like CQC could do with full access to Zigbee, Z-Wave, ClearConnect, Kidde, WiFi, and Bluetooth radios?
do the needful ...
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How to make a small fortune in automation? Start with a big one.
Dean Roddey
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IoT is a crock of shit a the moment. Most wont open up their control to other devices and all you have is an app on a phone/tablet and they call it automation. All we have in essence is a new remote - I call these apps virtual remotes on a virtual coffee table.

Automation is not the answer, Integration is and that is what Dean is all about.

Take the dryer/washer mentioned - I bet there is no API to allow a driver to be written - and this is what stops us geeks from buying the gear.

Personally, I would like my fridge, microwave, stove etc all connected, not to an app that I can do nothing with, but integrated with the house to make is all smarted and cheaper to run.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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