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iPad Blank and Blanker setup issues
I had a discussion on this in another section and Dean suggested I re-post it here to perhaps reach the right persons.

My iPad uses the app downloaded from the Apple site. Since I use the iPad as a remote in my front projection home theater, blacking out the screen is fairly necessary.

Dean suggests I may not have Blank and Blanker working at all. The first clue is that when I tap the screen for recovery, it triggers any button positioned underneath that I happen to hit. The second clue is that when I reconfigure to have it display the clock, the clock doesn't appear. Dean thinks I may simply be disabling the screen.

I don't know if I am setting it up wrong, or if there is a software reason it doesn't work. I could use some help.


Actually, some of those clues were predicated on my thinking you were running the regular IV. So I was trying to figure out how this could be happening, and so I asked you to run it in clock mode to make sure the blanker window was actually running.

But you are running the iPad client, which is completely separate in terms of blanker support. The IV sends along the blanker request and the RIVA clients react to that as they see fit.

So it may be that the iOS RIVA client is just turning the monitor off, but not eating the first click that wakes the monitor back up, which is sort of necessary for proper operation of the blanker, to avoid the issue you are seeing. So I just suggested posting here so that Brian could confirm or deny whether this is the case.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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