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CQC hangs (latest beta)
Dean: I've been having a problem with a move over to a different machine to consolidate things. I have installed the latest beta, but after an overnight period the service is hung up. Both the Application Service, and Client service on the server machine (Win 7 Pro) show to be running (as well as tray monitor), but when I try logging into the admin prompt it gives the "Wait for CQC" dreadful screen.

I noticed this again today when I tried uploading the licence key. Got this error.

Title: CQC Logon
Line #: 6004/0/0
Msg: An unhandled CIDLib exception was thrown by GUI code
Msg2: The CQC security Server could not be contacted

I've tried to restart the service, but not dice. Still shows as running in Services, but it's not or hung up. Based on yesterday's similar experience, I need to reinstall CQC to recover it. Also the tray app, has not be restarting as well after reboot.

Just an FYI, I do have an ISY944i as a driver and didn't get around to uploading the recent driver patch.

Are there any logs I can access when CQC is hung up like this?

Next steps?

How did you move to the new machine? Did you get rid of the old one or at least uninstall CQC from the old one? Is this a single machine setup? If not, does the same login problem happen on both the master server and clients?

It's most likely not that it's hung up but that the client just can't get to the service. Open the CQC Command Prompt and try to run

CQCNetTest > NT.Txt

and post the NT.Txt file, or e-mail it to me.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Judging from the results, it would seem like something is blocking the connection. The name resolution works, but the server can't be contacted. Is there any anti-virus system on this new machine that might block the CQC ports?

I also noticed that you have two enabled hardware network adaptors. Is this a purposeful thing that you are running a double homed system? It doesn't look like one of them is actually connected, so it's getting a local link address, so I assume you probably aren't using it. If so, you could disable it and possibly save yourself some issues down the line. It's probably not an issue here since name resolution is working fine to the correct adapter.

But anyway, even the most basic connection to the server isn't working. BTW, you did open the CQC Command Prompt, from the CQC section of the start menu, right? I.e. not just a generic Command Prompt? If you did that latter, that would also 'splain why it failed.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Did you figure anything out?
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Dean Roddey Wrote:Did you figure anything out?

Nope. Still giving random issues. Ran cqcnettest on the client and now the Name Server at port 13502 can't be contacted by clients.

I hate to do it, but do I need a clean install from scratch? I have no clue what is going on here. My WHS server box ran 4.5.24 without an issue, but since I've moved over to this Win 7 machine, with the latest beta I've had nothing but issues. Any suggestions?

Also, from your earlier post. I do have two NIC's but one is disabled. I did do the nettest from the cqc command prompt, but on all my machines I couldn't get a txt file output "access denied".


I think the last straw on this was now the log server couldn't be contacted after a clean install (all drivers whiped out). I changed the port numbers to see if that would solve it as well, still log server unavailable.

I left my old WHS 2011 CQC server box installed (off the net and services stopped) just in case this didn't go smoothly. I guess I'm going back to 4.5.24 on that machine until I have the patience to try the latest beta on my WHS box. I'm going to watch 4.5.24 for a while to see if anything pops up as an issue (network related or otherwise).

On the access denied, you should right click and run it as admin, since the command prompt is probably opening in a directory where you otherwise cannot write a file.

Also, go to :


on the master server, and post the content of the NS.Txt, that's the local name server log file that it logs stuff to (since it can't itself easily log to the log server.) We can see if it's actually failing to be able to open its sockets.

Another thing you can do is, also as admin from the command prompt, run:

netstat -b -n -a > socks.txt

and send me that socks.txt. Do this on the master server. This will let me see what ports are opened by what programs.

BTW, did you happen to name the new machine the same as the old one? If so, you probably want to flush the DNS cache on all machines, since they still may have references to the old address via that name. You do that with this command, probably best then followed by a reboot.

ipconfig /flushdns

Also, did you ever by any chance manually add any name to address items to the hosts files on any of those machines? If so, those would still be there and forcing you to the old address.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
BTW, one of the things you might want to do is, if you go back to the old machine, upgrade that one. If it works fine, then that would pretty clearly point the fickle finger of blame in one direction or another. Not completely so since if there are name to address issues, they may still be the same given that the new machine is on the network and the old one will be as well then.

Oh, and I guess another issue I should have asked above, if you didn't give the new machine the same name as the old one, did you run the installer on the clients to point them at the new master server? And, as I mentioned, if you did give it the same name (then you need to make sure there are no name resolution issues because all of the machines will have cached the old name to IP mapping and probably the new machine got a different IP address.)
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Dean: Thanks for the leads. I'll keep you posted as to progress deciphering this. For now I have a working box, but will try the upgrade path soon on WHS.

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