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Apple TV
Anyone thought about an Apple TV or Google Chromecast driver? Replace Sage!
I did a driver for the Myro Air, which provides some control of Apple TV I think, and current metadata to the extent it's provided. I've also been a little a bit at XMBC and Plex.
Dean Roddey
Explorans ex terminum defectum
Can you elaborate a little more on this? I googled Myro Air and really don't understand the product.
Yeh, they don't 'splain it well really on the web site. But basically it can stream data from Apple TV as I understand it. I'll ask Kristian, for whom I did the driver, to come here and give some more useful info since he knows it well.
Dean Roddey
Explorans ex terminum defectum
AppleTV looks like it's here forever. I currently have moved all my movies to a Synology 1813+. It's currently configured to 28TB. I run the Synology DS Video application on IOS and Android devices. You have a choice of viewing on the IOS or Android device, or output to Chromecast or Apple TV. CQC output to those devices would be a plus.
Myro Air is a certified AirPlay and UPNP/DLNA media (audio only) render-er. This does not support video. The trick with this device is it is RS232 controllable (the first) This allows me to stream audio from say Soundcloud on my phone to my audio system (in this case Nuvo) and have control and metadata in CQC and beyond!!

I am trying to get away from committing to one software/technology or another due to the speed at which things change and the need to be diverse iOS/Android/windows/Mac. This allows people to manage their own media on their own device and still be integrated with automation etc.. Works slick!
As far as multimedia front-ends go I have no idea. Actively looking for a solution.

Apple TV will never be properly integrated because Apple. But is still a necessary evil in the current automated home. It's also a great common place to stream Netflix from. However IR control is all we will ever have in CQC.

Chromecast is just a media render-er like MyroAir but completely different

I have no experience with Plex

XBMC seems to be the path of least resistance. Supports third party by nature and can pull media from just about anywhere. It's also extremely customizable (can make for a challenge when implementing. This is the direction I am looking at though. I have been running it in my setup for quite some time. One of my problems with it is the lag time between CQC UI to XBMC action. It's not much but it draws the user away from a premium experience. Especially when trying to efficiently navigate menus.

At this point I am at a loss. There is no current solution that I have experienced that lives up to my expectations of a media solution for CQC.
The Myro Air seems like a neat standalone product, but can't you accomplish the same thing with a newer AirPlay capable receiver?

I use Sonos for my audio, which works plenty well enough for my needs. The video is the big caveat right now - and with Plex supporting multiple STB type devices, I hope that's the way it ends up going.

Now, if Myro comes out with a video capable device that can pass metadata, then all bets would be off. Smile
There's a chance you could get transport control of AirPlay but I doubt you would see metadata w/album art. As soon as we had a driver in place Denon or whoever would change something and break it .. ie: Sonos currently.

"Why can't we just all get along?":-)
so to dredge this back up - something must have happened in iOS 8 that allows third parties to interact with the Apple TV.

Roomie Remote 3.0 (released 9.24) and Control4 can now interface, via full two-way IP control, with an Apple TV 3. Roomie Remote does it by pairing a remote with the Apple TV, and you get 100% metadata, full scrubbing, and all transport control.

I wonder if there would be a way to use the iTunes tray monitor to pair with the Apple TV so we could get primary metadata from the aTV. We could use the 'Now Playing' class.

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