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Airpanel battery question
From my readings in this forum, I've seen that there are a few folks that are using the older model viewsonic airpanels (V110/V150) as a mobile CQC interface. I am close to picking up a V110 but have some concerns around battery life - or more appropriately the ability to find a replacement battery.

A search online yielded ZERO places to buy a replacement battery. Has anyone that has one of these found a place to buy the battery or know if other batteries are interchangeable (i.e. from the V210, later models, etc.)

The airpanel is by viewsonic. Try checking their webstore for batteries and you might have better luck. I didn't see anything on a quick check so you might have to hit their support line too. I bought an extra with mine for insurance. Fleabay is also an option to try as well as batteries plus etc.

The fujitsu you are thinking of is the 3400. There are others that use those. It's actually a tablet as opposed to a smart display. I don't know what availability of things like batteries is like. There's a guy on ebay with a bunch currently that looked promising but he can't be bothered to answer questions apparently.
LesAuber Wrote:There's a guy on ebay with a bunch currently that looked promising but he can't be bothered to answer questions apparently.
Be careful of the 3400 auctions that are actually 3400S models instead. The S model is for outdoor use and I'm given to understand not so viewable indoors. Anyone have one and can confirm or deny it would be good.
i am looking at the viewsonic airpanels not the fujitsus - must have been a brain cramp when i was typing the thread...

i looked on ebay and there are NO batteries up for auction which is why i am a little concerned about their availability. i'll try going through viewsonic to see what they have to say.
Viewsonic is your best bet. The battery for the 210 'appears' to match the v110. Only viewsonic would know for sure and I could find none on their store site.
When you do find the battery on Ebay be aware that it may not not hold any charge even when listed as new. I have two such batteries from ebay. Viewsonic is a good source but they usually have low to zero stock. I got a battery from Viewsonic two weeks ago for an order placed in early June through their tech support.

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