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Which Z-Wave Controller?
I'm wondering which Z-Wave controller CGC users have found works well.

I've messed with Leviton's software and sticks, having just returned a stick to Amazon in frustration after not getting it to be recognized by Leviton's Installer software on 3 different computers with different operating systems.

I tried Vera, but it seems too simplistic in it's control capabilities. IMO, it's too automatic, thinks too much like Apple in that regard. I want to have access to some control.

I currently have my Z-Wave system controlled by a 10 year old Z-Troller that I happened to have had lying around, which worked very well and is very handy to use. However, there is no maintenance access to the network except with HomeSeer which I don't have. That means the search for the ultimate controller goes on. Since there are a lot of serious players in the CQC family, I'm wondering if anyone here has landed on a good usable controller Z-Wave controller. Frankly, the Z-Troller is pretty excellent except it locks one to using HomeSeer which is not where I'm at. (I'm an Elve user in the process of looking for a new place to land).

I interface from my HA software with a VRC0P.

I should add that my needs are simple. Mostly lighting and appliance modules. No thermostat or door locks to consider.
All CQC cares about is the VRCOP. Anything that you can use to manage the network, which will replicate to the VRCOP is fine by us.

The Leviton stuff is nice, since it's software based (so it can easily expand to deal with changes in the Z-Wave protocol, which have been many over the years) and it provides nice diagnostics and stuff. But, you don't have to use it or anything.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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