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cqc down. restarting service fixed it.
I was on 904. I just updated to 908 a few minutes ago.
Is there a way to get the version # of the running CQC version from a command prompt so I can log the current version?

Also, I'm pretty sure its not an issue with 904 because this problem has been going on for over a month. We'll see though!
--Kill all the serial ports--
Yeh, that couldn't be responsible for any issue that's been going on a while, but of course we don't want to waste time chasing a bogus issue, so best to get rid of any known ones. So let's see if the memory creep on CQCServer stops. It's always possible it's not related at all to anything I broke temporarily, but we need to be sure. If it starts happening again, we can dig into other possibilities.

On the version, you know I don't think it is available other than from within the GUI programs. Actually there's supposed to be a registry value stored, but I can't find it, so I'm wondering if one of the ongoing security changes is preventing the installer from setting those couple of registry values it has always stored. It's still trying to, but they don't appear to be showing up.

I'll look into why that is. I assume that there are command line tools for reading a registry value, right?
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Sounds good. Yes, you can read the registry using scripts quite easily.
--Kill all the serial ports--

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