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Scaling and Text Alignment
I have now tried automatically re-scaling my 1280x1024 templates down to 960 x768. I am very impressed with this, as all my buttons, icons and images on the start screen scaled properly to create the new template. Once I have the relative paths sorted, I think this we be fine.

There is however one small problem, that has been around for ever and that is that text in different widgets do not align correctly in the vertical direction. As far as I know, the reference line for typography is the horizontal line through the base of the main characters. So the line for "aeiou" should be along the botton of the characters. For "you" , the tail of the y should be below the line. If I change font size in a text widget then the base line should remain the same.

So it would be AAABBBCCCDDD etc.

If all the widgets worked like this, then you could simply use the alignment tool in the editor to bring then all in to alignment. More to the point, when the scaling tool changes the font sizes, then widgets that should be in a line will stay that way.

In the past, when I create titles with different fonts sizes (see my Win 8 template), I had to juggle the box sizes and positions to get things to line up. Now run the resizing tool and everything is out by a few pixels vertically. I know I am being picky, but if you could fix this, then the scaling would be really awesome. It would be a real pain to have to re-align the text in every template whenever you create a new rescaled set.

Aligning by way of some internal aspect of the widget would be a good bit more involved than aligning by the widget areas, which is how all alignment current works. I don't think that similar tools typically offer text baseline based alignment? This isn't really a typography based program like a text editor, it's more of a widget/object based program like most graphics programs or screen designers.

The complications arise from the fact that text can be justified in various ways within widgets, it can be wrapped or not wrapped. Where F/X are involved it gets more complicated because of drop shadows, because the drawing is actually done into intermediate bitmaps that are later drawn into the overall display area.

It's probably doable, with limitations, it would just require a lot more work since every widget type would have to have a method that can be called in order to figure out whether it can even participate in that sort of alignment and, if so, where it's baseline is. But, there's currently no way to figure that out right now. None of the low level text drawing calculate or return any sort of baseline info, so that would have to be added as well, and that can be pretty complicated in some cases.

So it's not something that could be taken on casually.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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