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HA Progress 3.0

so i manually play my spotify curated list with the sonos app, and i can capture the URL in the AVTransURI.

Sending it with InvokeCMD and SetTransUIR:"<from AVTransURI>","","","","","" loads up and auto starts the selected playlist. I also get correct metadata.

So far it looks like I can use either CQC and that InvokeCmd or the Sonos app itself and I can keep in sync regardless.

This is making my evening ... now to find a way to get cover art. :-D
When you set the transport URI, generally you want to give at least bogus values for the metadata, since it may try to convert to the expected type, like a number. So set the year to some reasonable year number, for instance.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Is there a specific case for that? So far I have tested all 7 of my Spotify playlists with just the empty "" and it's worked perfectly. I guess it doesn't matter either way, so I probably should just stick to known convention.
It may only happen for local media, and not for streaming sources that provide that data, but best not to tempt fate.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
cross post from another thread, just to keep my list in one place ->

I am really (really) digging the Spotify/Pandora/Radio integration with the Sonos. Some things left on my todo list:

(1) on iOS, the Sonos app will open with a simple sonos:// in a browser. I want to see if I can have CQC pass just that to Safari on iOS so it would auto switch to Sonos if selected in CQC.

(2) i've already captured all 7 of my Spotify playlists which work via the ZP driver being passed with SetTransURI. now i need to grab Pandora and my favorite radio stations to do the same.

(3) Spotify/Pandora provide metadata, but the radio stations don't. since the URL's for the radio stations are unique, I am thinking one of those enumerated widgets and corresponding art for the station name so I can at least get some idea of what's on. ie, when I am listening to NPR, have CQC show a NPR logo.

(4) explore the TTS options with Sonos. use scenario: open windows, automatically turns off HVAC. if we manually adjust HVAC, have Sonos say something like 'Please close the windows'.
OK, so it looks like I have a solution for the TTS with Sonos -

I am using Icecast Streaming Server and Edcast (mp3 streamer) to create my own internet radio station. Basically, this is creating an mp3 stream at localhost:port/stream.mp3. Any audio that plays on the CQC server will be heard on that stream.

I have tested it with the TTS II driver, and all seems to work. I am not home, but over the WAN I only had a 5s lag between hitting the Set command and hearing Microsoft Anna.

So that part is all good -

Now I am back to a holding pattern for a couple of things - the important one being the ZWave driver being adjusted for some of the new 'classes' that report energy usage and the multi-sensors actually registering as multiple sensors.

*EDIT - tested this with the 'Add Station' on Sonos and it worked like a charm. The delay is about 4 seconds, but that isn't really important. I am going to build a quick action to see if I can get it to work automatically.
Hey JK!

I would love to see your current system setup, etc. How do you have the interface set up for your tablets? Do you have all your devices playing well @ the moment?

Just like some more input from users around here.


I don't currently have anything very pretty that I am ready to put up here. As soon as it is all done, I will post my template and image packs.

Right now, all of my devices are 'working' together, but I am still plowing through a lot of the integration logic that will really pull it all together.

As of now, I am running ZWave, Sonos, Hue, and the Nest driver for device control. I also have Variables, HTTP Trigger, Weather, and TTS drivers loaded. The Roku driver is also loaded, but as of now it hasn't been 'integrated'.

For a little bit more info - the ZWave is providing window/door sensors, motion, and plug in modules. Hue is obviously all of my lamps and non switched lights. Sonos is via a Playbar right now, and I can play audio (Spotify/Pandora/Radio) as well as the audio signal from my components via Optical. I am actually working through some logic for CQC to know what is currently playing. Nest is also pretty self-explanatory as a Thermostat.

I use the HTTP Trigger driver and an iPhone app called Geo-Fancy so I can get geo-fencing/presence information. That writes to the Variables driver on which I trigger events. Weather is pretty standard, and I am working on integrating the TTS with the Sonos.

The TTS is pretty interesting. I ended up using some free streaming software to basically create my own 'web radio' station. It is saved into my Sonos Favorites, so CQC can switch the Sonos to that radio station and it will play my TTS events.

There is going to be a 'hangout' tomorrow night at 10P EST if you can join. My goal is to have my system 100% completed and locked by April, so I will end up posting what I have between now and then.
jkmonroe Wrote:The TTS is pretty interesting. I ended up using some free streaming software to basically create my own 'web radio' station. It is saved into my Sonos Favorites, so CQC can switch the Sonos to that radio station and it will play my TTS events.

Can you walk through this tonight? I have a sonos, but I can't get TTS working. The Sonos works fine, so this might be a nice workaround.
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
What's next: CQC-Voice, Brultech GEM
My vlogs:
After last nights 'Hangout', I think it finally clicked for me. I was being a lot more complicated than what I needed, and the guys in the hangout set me straight.

So I messed around with some of the new stuff I learned, and got farther along in the hour after the meet than in the previous weeks combined.


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