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Geofancy for Geo-Fencing iOS

I guess in that case it's of little consequence, but I sort like the idea of using the fence to do more.
Where would the hack come from?

Typically in geo-fencing you are not home, so your data will go over the cellular/LTE network. Pretty tough to hack that space.

In the event of sniffing from LTE to your home network, your network would already be compromised, so the HTTP data would be of little consequence.
I'm trying to bring this back to life. Last I was using it was last year and it was working well. Now it's very unreliable and intermittently reports locations.

Is anyone still using this? Did you switch to IFTTT? Are you experiencing the same issues?
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I'm not using the driver, but recently turned in IFTTT for geofencing to see how accurate and reproducible it is. For the past week it's gone off plus/minus 20 yards on my drive home.
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Did everyone see that this app went open source? If any work is getting done on the iOS apps maybe we can pull this into them. One less app on my phone, easier to configure, more secure, etc...
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I stopped using it. The accuracy and reliability was poor and I switched to IFTTT.

Strangely when I first started using it, it worked very well.
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