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Geofancy for Geo-Fencing iOS
It would almost always include the port since you'd not want this driver taking up the standard HTTP port 80. So you'll have the driver on some other port and will need to include that in the URL or it'll end up going to the web server.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Check this out:

I have nothing setup in the 'Settings' page except 'Notification on Success' and 'Notification on Failure' both turned on.

My HTTP trigger is /coming_home<string> and /leaving_home<string>. Obviously, the <string> is just a placeholder for plain text. I am not using anything with the ? to pass value, only what you see above.

Mine has been working flawlessly. The only thing I can think of is that whatever browser you're using to train the trigger is sending something else. Similar to what I ran into with Chrome sending the /favicon.ico, and CQC learning the trigger on that instead of what I was trying to send.
I'm wondering if the global http settings were making something weird. I removed those and will see if it works when I head home tonight.

I'm not trying to train the trigger driver since I'm on an old version. I'm trying to invoke a macro through the webserver, which works with a browser.
ah. yes, i always seem to forget that last bit.
Jkmomroe, what is the name of the driver your using when you add it in the admin interface. I don't see an "HTML trigger driver" anywhere. Never mind found it in the beta thread.
You all set? I figure to be online for a bit, so let me know if you want me to check something.
I upgraded CQC and have this working flawlessly with the http trigger driver.
Cool. Glad you got it working. Smile

potts.mike Wrote:I upgraded CQC and have this working flawlessly with the http trigger driver.
I just saw on Facebook geofancy has added ibeacon support also. I'll try and play with this in the coming week.
Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that but forgot. I ordered the estimote beacons a couple weeks ago, which should be here by end of Feb, so I will have real iBeacons to play around with.

With Geo-Fancy, though, it still looks like the proximity to the iBeacon sends an HTTP trigger, so I have to figure out some logistics on how it would work.

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