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Windows 8 Web Browser Widget Won't Load Camera Stream
My existing setup on a Windows 7 machine has a template with a web browser widget that successfully loads the video stream from a Vivotek camera. It works whether I use the Admin Interface or the Windows Interface Viewer to load the template, and it works on my master server and on my laptop windows client (whether wired or wireless).

I just got a Dell Venue table to see if it would work for a portable (or possibly wall-mountable) client, and it runs Windows 8.1. I have successfully loaded CQC 4.4.0 on the tablet, and everything in CQC works except the web browser widget. I can't load the camera stream via the Admin Interface or the Windows Viewer. All I get is a window with the a little black box with a white "X" in the upper left corner. Normally, in my existing setup, there is a delay of a few seconds as the video stream loads, but on the tablet, the X in the web browser widget on the template pops up right away.

I know the stream is available on the tablet becasue I can load it in Internet Exlorer on the tablet.

I have tried turning off firewalls, making sure CQC is running as administrator on the tablet, changing secuity settings, swearing, updating CQC to 4.4.0-Patch 7, rebooting, updating JAVA, and changing ActiveX settings (the last two of which should presumably have been unnecessary since the video loads in IE). What is so darn puzzling is that everything else in CQC works on the tablet and the video stream works--with everything else--on both other CQC machines...

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Not sure why that would happen. If it wouldn't load in the standalone browser that would be obvious, but otherwise it's a lot less so. Is there some plugin that loads in the browser to support that stream, and does it require a particular version of IE? The version that runs embedded, I think, is an older compatibility version.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Dean, thanks.

I have absolutely no experience with either javascript or activex, but based on two days of reading and a few dozen test situations, I was able to at least get the default camera interface to load in the Windows 8 IV client using iFrame. I don't have much control over it (it comes with all the borders, etc.), but at least I can now set up an event (eg doorbell) to pop open an overlay with the web browser and the feed from the front door camera.

My completely uninformed analysis would be that it is not an activeX problem (since I can load the default interface) and there must be something in Windows 8 that changed the settings in the embedded browser such that it does not like the javascript that otherwise loads and controls the raw video feed.

It would have been nice to be able to customize that feed so that it works the same as in a non-Win8 IV, but the workaround above lets me see who is at the door...
I am having the same problem in trying to move from Windows XP to Windows 7. I have a Greyfox IP Server camera system (which I am pretty sure is Vivotek in different clothes). I can use standalone IE and view in web widget on CQC running WinXP, but on the same computer (dual boot setup now), I can use standalone IE, but in CQC in Windows 7, I get a white screen (but not the X).

Since it is working in the standalone IE on Win7, you would think it would come up in CQC. I have been trying. What exactly is Iframe?
I got my setup working using the Axis Active X control that I downloaded from their website on my Greyfox/Vivotek IP server. You might give that a try if your still having problems. The release notes says it will work for Windows 8. I downloaded it from here ->

Here is the script I used -


<body bgcolor="#ffffff" scroll="no" TOPMARGIN=0 LEFTMARGIN=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0 MARGINWIDTH=0>
<object id="Player" height="327" width="476" border="0"
  <param name="AutoStart" value="1">
  <param name="UIMode" value="none">
  <param name="MediaType" value="mjpeg">
  <param name="MediaUsername" value="">
  <param name="MediaPassword" value="">
  <param name="MediaURL" value="">
  document.Player.MediaURL = "";

<script language="JavaScript">
    document.Player.EnableContextMenu = true;
    document.Player.StretchToFit = true;


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