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Sonos - How Are You Doing It?
karenlee Wrote:I only stream from Tune-in Radio and no, I don't get cover art while streaming that. I manually display the radio station logo that I have selected.

Hmm. I will need to re-think converting to Sonos as I get the Tune-In Radio cover art(or station logo if art is missing) currently with Squeezebox touch driver. See below. This is a streaming Tune-In Radio station here in New york(92.3 NOW). CQC gets image from the Squeezebox touch driver.(trust me I don't have a Selena Gomez Image/MP3 anyplace on my CQC server Smile ).

Note: my Pandoa/XM button is really a pandora/XM/Tune-In Radio button. Just ran out of room.

[Image: tunein.jpg]
Denon 3808ci, 2112ci , SONOS, Russound CAA66,Z-Wave(Lights,Locks), Hue, SmartThings,
iPads,Tivo,Hikvision,Elk-M1,iTunes,TED5000,Somfy RTS blinds, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Polk XRT12,
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Does the Sonos Driver provide any cover art?
Did anyone ever figure out how to play Pandora streams on Sonos from within CQC? I would like to tell Echo to play specific Sonos Pandora steams... Smile

Any & all advise appreciated!
CQC Noob

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