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IOS 7 has slowed interface
Is anyone else noticing this after upgrading?

Its hard to tell if its a hardware or logic programming issue.

Im definitely getting delays/freezing that I didn't notice before I upgraded.

appreciate any feedback.
just a follow up to my own question above. IOS 7 adds multitasking capability and my problem was that there were a lot of apps running in the background that were bogging down the CQC App. after I shut them down my performance returned to what I had expected in IOS 6 and before versions. I would say that the performance is even better. hope this helps someone Smile
That's good to know. I actually see more freezes and crashes in OS 7 with all apps, even Apple's. I will try to make a pass through the code to make sure it is minimizing its memory usage, but I have read things in the developer documentation that makes it sound like OS 7 lets memory get chewed up more liberally by apps, which means it will run out faster and start killing apps. I'm not sure why they have made this change.

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