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4.4 Beta Discussion Thread
Can you guys explain a little more about your SIP setup? Are you doing some sort of internet phone/skype or is it connected to a land line eventually?
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wuench Wrote:Can you guys explain a little more about your SIP setup? Are you doing some sort of internet phone/skype or is it connected to a land line eventually?

Hi Wuench,

I'm running Asterisk on a Raspberry Pi and have an Obi-202 box for the analog conversion. See here

Basic Setup:

2 analog phone lines in the house connected to the Obi-202
2 inbound phone #s via a VoIP provider
2 google voice #s mapped through Asterisk (one to each analog port on Obi-202)

1st line = house phones
2nd line = fax (or 2nd # for me to dial out with when I am home office)

All outbound calls route through Google Voice (it's free)

Inbound calls come in either via the voip provider (legacy for those that have had our # forever) or google voice # where we've been giving out the google voice # to friends and family to call our house with.

Monthly phone bill for 2 lines, minutes used (not many any more) and e911 on house line is less that $6

My plan is to use the Grandstream in combination with Asterisk, CQC and the other benefits that Android apps provide (like viewing cameras for example)

I am wanting to map the future CQC SIP capability to Asterisk directly and / or directly to the Grandstream.

I imagine that the CQC<->Asterisk SIP connection could potentially be 2 way in that Asterisk may be able to interact with CQC on some level, not sure what or why at this point though...
wuench Wrote:Can you guys explain a little more about your SIP setup? Are you doing some sort of internet phone/skype or is it connected to a land line eventually?

I have a very similar set up to Batwater. I also use an Asterisk system (really a PBX in a Flash system) and an Obi202. I ported my home phone number over to a prepaid cell and then ported the number from the prepaid cell to Google Voice (GV won't port a landline directly - hence the need for the prepaid intermediate step). I then use the Obi202 to connect my analog phones to Google Voice using the internet service provider. So my incoming and outgoing calls are routed from the analog phone --> to the Obi202 --. and through GV over the internet.

I also have subscribed to CallCentric which is a SIP provider. For $1.50 per month, they provide E911 service. If someone calls 911 from a phone in my house, the Obi202 realizes the number being called is 911 and sends that phone call to CallCentric instead of GV. GV does not offer 911 service, so it is very important to use another service like Callcentric to ensure some one calling 911 from your house will get through to the 911 operator and that the operator also receives your location.

All of this can be done without an asterisk system. In fact I ran this setup for months before deciding to add the asterisk layer.

Adding the asterisk layer certainly adds some complexity, but the overall system works the same way. The Obi device is still responsible for the interface with GV. If you start out using Asterisk, then you can allow Asterisk to handle the GV interface. But since the Obi device was already set up, I left it to handle the GV part.

I've added a few SIP phones to the system, but there are still more analog phones in my house than digital phones. Again, the Obi device handles the analog integration with the Asterisk system.

There are a couple of big benefits that we like that come from using the Asterisk system. One is the voice mail system in Asterisk. I can have a unique mail box for each person, so a caller will leave a message for a specific person. That way I don't have to listen to message that are for my wife and vice versa (and eventually our kids). Also, I have it set up that the VM are forwarded to our cell phones via email. So I have immediate notification when a voice mail message is left for me and can even listen to the message right from the email.

I also have an option (called FollowMe) where a caller, once they get into a specific person's VM, can try to reach that person via their cell phone . That call is placed by the Asterisk system without the party having to know the cell phone number (nor are they told the number). My wife really likes this option and has gotten important phone calls from the doctors office on her cell phone even when they called the house number. If the call goes unanswered on the cell phone, then Asterisk will roll the call back into that person's VM extension so the caller can leave a message.

The other thing we really like is the intercom system. Our house is multi-level, so being able to use the intercom to call the kids to dinner is much easier than trying to yell up/down the stairs. All of the SIP phones I have will auto-answer an intercom call in speaker phone mode (although not every SIP phone has this feature - so be careful when selecting phones to use). We just dial the correct extension (including an "ALL" extension option), it rings once at the destination's phone, and then the phone answers in speaker phone mode, allowing us to say "Dinner time - come to dinner" without having to wait on someone to actually answer the extension. Since it is a normal two way call, we can also hear them respond (or not respond) via the speaker phone too. We use this more than just to announce dinner time, but that is certainly one way it is used almost every day.

It's this intercom portion of the system that I am excited about integrating CQC with. I can imagine situations where it would be great to have CQC make an announcement via the phone's speaker phone. Perhaps it is to announce that someone is at the front door - perhaps it is to announce a reminder to take out the trash on trash nights - or read out a severe weather alert (like a tornado warning) because with a DVR system, we are rarely watching live TV to get reports like this - or maybe it will announce how many missed calls there were when we get home and disarm the alarm. I'm sure there will be plenty of things I can come up with where announcements might be helpful. I should be able to set the system up to make these announcements at one or more extensions too depending on what the announcement is and where it should be heard.

"Really dear, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Besides, look at what it does now...."
I think my wife is getting a little tired of hearing this :-)
There are a number of pretty obvious things that could be done, probably a number of others that are not so obvious:

1. The intercom thing. Just call a CQC host running, say, the IV, and have it speak out through it's speakers. If your proxy server (Asterisk in the case above) provides support for multiplexing calls then you could have numbers that actually end up talking to multiple other machines and such.
2. Having CQC call you for certain events and speak some text to you
3. You calling up CQC and we use the VR system to feed the audio in and get text out, and use that to trigger actions.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

I upgraded to .904 and cannot get the swipe commands to work. 100% of my attempts result in a button press instead of a swipe. This is even when I can see the cursor move across the screen in a valid swipe motion. There must be something wrong with the latest beta.

EDIT - I can get gestures to work on a regular screen with my mouse, but I cannot get it to work at all with a real touch screen and my finger.

"Really dear, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Besides, look at what it does now...."
I think my wife is getting a little tired of hearing this :-)
It's hard to imagine how the touch screen could work differently from the mouse, given that I couldn't know the difference even if I wanted to. So that's pretty wierd.

Has anyone else tried this one?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Well, I seldom print anything out, but I decided to print out the SIP RFC so I can sit on the patio and read in comfort instead of being stuck to the computer. I just started it printing and went about my business. I almost destroyed the printer. I didn't realize it was 269 pages long! The tray on top can't hold nearly that much, so the pages started jamming into the ones already there, and creating a mess and jamming up.

And, as those who have read RFCs can tell you, they aren't filled with fluffy prose. That's 269 pages of dense information. Pretty crazy. To be fair, a lot of it is to do with proxy servers, which CQC doesn't really have to deal with. They sit between the end points of the session end points and are more complex than the end points themselves. Still, it's a lot of freaking info for something that's supposed to be a simple protocol.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I couldn't hack another day of Android today, and I can't do anything dangerous since we are holding out for a 4.3 followup release before we get into the beta phase proper. So I took on a very useful but non-dangerous little addition today.

There is a new Logic Server field type called an "Ellapsed Time" field. The configuration is basically just like the boolean field, in that you can have one or more source fields, each of which has an association expression that will be evaluated against it, and combined with a logical operator. The result either comes out true or false.

In this case though, the field is a Time based field. If the result of the expressions is true, it starts letting the time field run to track how long the expressions have been true. If the expression goes false it stops running the time up.

It can be either auto-reset or not. If it's auto-reset, then if the expressions go false, it zeroes the time and starts accumulating again from zero when the expressions go back to true. If it's not auto-reset, then it stops accumulating but doesn't zero the time.

So auto-reset ones will tell you how long it's been since the expressions last transitioned to true. Non-auto-reset ones will just accumulate the ellapsed time that the expressions have been in the true state.

So an auto-reset one might be used to keep track of how long a door is opened. Every time the door shuts, the time zeros back out again. So if you look at the field and it's non-zero, then the door has been open that long since the last time it was opened.

A non-auto-reset one would be for something like how many minutes today has the temp been over X degrees. The temp might go up or down but it'll just keep keep accumulating during the times that the temp is over X. Or how many minutes today has the HVAC been in cool mode. It may go into or out of cool mode, so you want it to just accumulate the time it's been in cool mode.

There is a driver backdoor command to manually reset non-auto-reset fields, if you need to set one back. You might do it each night at midnight via a scheduled event or something if you are looking to track each 24 hour period's times or something like that.

So it could be quite useful, and it gets around the problem that there's no clean way to do that sort of thing now where it's all in one place. Currently it typically requires two triggered events combined with a timer driver or something like that. This makes it very easy to do, since it's all done for you and the reset logic is built in and such.

This will be in the .906 beta drop.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
So I'm trying to use the new Auto-Reset logic server timer, but am getting stuck with triggers. I've set a field to count up when my front door is open. This is working fine and I've noticed the time field is in hex I think and maybe micro Seconds?

My issue comes in where I check the new field count and set a trigger. Due to the large hex number it doesn't seem possible to trigger only when a value equals 29387000h. So The only way I can think of is using Greater than or equal to my value. Problem is now I'll get a constant stream of events as the field is always changing once it's > my time value. Is there any way to limit this or am I just going about this wrong?

In the Event server I'm trying to figure out how I can just send a TTS saying door is open without constantly streaming while the door is open. I could do this by setting a variable, but am worried the constant triggers are not good even if I don't run logic constantly.

I would usually use is new field value for or something like that, but the field is always changing so I'm having difficulty just figuring out how to trigger once. (or maybe every 30secs until someone closes the door)

I could see using a count down timer being easier for this as I can compare to 0 but wanted to try the new logic. Any tips on taming the constant triggers or should I just do this another way?
Yeh, a solution for the constantly triggering this is coming. This stuff is related to a possible pro installation where they need to keep with info like this. The problem is that there's no field trigger of the type 'greater than X' that will only run once when it goes greater. That's the limiting factor with these things. I'm going to address this soon, once we can get the followup release out and I can afford to do some more agressive stuff.

Most likely the solution will be to add a 'latching' option to the expression based field triggers. I.e. once it reaches the state where it sends out a trigger, it won't do it again until the state goes back false again and then transitions back to true. There are other scenarios where this would be useful besides this one, but it solves this problem in that it can be set and will only fire when the value goes beyond the time you want, but then won't again until the time is auto-reset and counts back up again.

If you don't set the latching option, it'll just work like it does now and trigger every time the field changes and the expression is true.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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