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Another SMS Driver - SMS Global, one for everyone else
Has anyone bought any credits from SMS GLobal yet? My Paypal payment cleared earlier today but my acct. still shows 0 credits available.
I signed up under the free trial that got me 25 credits. I use the other one I wrote so I have not purchased from them at all.

Did you not get your free credits?

Sorry, I cant help any more than that.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Anyone know why they charge so much compared to twilio? 0.05 vs 0.01. Its not like I'm sending a lot of txt's, but seems a little steep if you look at it in relative terms.
--Kill all the serial ports--
I got my credits lined out so I will play with this over the weekend.
Maybe I a miss reading the documentation but when I enters
<14052293128>:<is this working> the sms returned is "<is this working>" but I can enter <14052293128>:is this working and get "is this working". Seems to work fine just not like the documentation.
The "<" & ">" are not required

your field text should be
14052293128:is this working

If you add the < & > you should also see that in your message.

The < & > are used to indicate a section of the message - very common way of doing it.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Then it's working correctly!
Just a heads up for everyone using this. I was playing with it (the service] a little more you can reply to a message sent and it will send that reply to your nominated e-mail acount.

If you use the POP3 Email notification driver you should be able to trigger events on CQC via SMS using this service.

The subject is
SMSGlobal OMS Incoming [mobile number]
so you can trigger of the SMSGlobal portion and get the mobile number that send the message. The bodu of the e-mail contains the message that was sent.

I have not discovered if you can send a text without it being a reply yet though.

When I have a chance I will test this out more and add it to the documentation.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Hey Mick, this looks pretty cool I've downloaded and installed, got my credit on smsGlobal but can't get the doc as the link is down. do you still have it by any chance?

At the moment I'm trying to format the string by guessing from the smsglobal message doc.


never mind, figured it out based on some exploring and the posts above. for any new users note that smsglobal generates another username and password for the http interface so you don't have to put your account details in the URL. i assumed you were using the http interface and between that and the message format above managed to get it working! :-)


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