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RIVA Server and Client
Dean - I just noticed the I can not log into my RIVA server, which is running (I Think) on the master server. I there a method to check to see that it actually is running. It is acting strange, either not accepting a sign in or stating that the credentials are bad, which I know that they are not.

Running .911
Dave Bruner
I figured it out, and yes, I created a mess.

I got lazzy and decided to Remote Desktop into my AV computer to upgrade CQC. I did this from my CQC Server machine. I did the upgrade and all went well. I then could no longer connect any interfaces to the CQC Server.

I guess, that due to me perfoeming the upgrade as a RDC client from the server machine, I created some sort of a loop, which confused everything. As soon as I reconnected to the machine via RDC and stopped the service, everything came back to life.

I just need to understand why it happened.
Dave Bruner

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